Your Wave of Happiness its an interactive sculpture that generates an exuberant and colorful light wave when people walk on it. The work is part of Psychosomatic Series.Work developed during Art in residence at Creativity and Cognition Studios at UTS, University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. November, 2014.

I will show the process of the work that includes 3d modeling, laser cutting, electronics and assembling.

Step 1: 3D Modeling the Shape

I first modeled a shape using Meshmixer from Autodesk.

I was inspired by designing a little mountain that people could walk and sit on it.

I did a hole using boolean difference on the back of the shape to insert electronics.

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Bio: Anaisa Franco, 1981. In 2014 she got the Edith Russ Haus prize for emerging new media artists and got Emare-Eman prize to do a residence ... More »
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