I bought this skull to decorate my computer desk. However, analyzing better, I could do something more interesting.
I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

- A plastic skull

- 8 screws;

- Microcontroller (I used an Arduino board);

- A Protoboard

- A nunchuck (for nintendo wii control) with a adaptador

Note: I bought the adapter but can be easily made by following this step by step: https://www.instructables.com/id/Wii-Nunchuck-Adapter/

- Mini servos (initially, I use 2. An eye and another to the jaw);

- Batteries (attached to the computer, use the power from usb);

- Drill, various drills, a metal rod of about 20cm, glue, bits of wire, etc ...
its hard to help. So lets try something: data from nunchuck are appearing for you? <br>Search here: http://todbot.com/blog/2008/02/18/wiichuck-wii-nunchuck-adapter-available/. <br>First try to make the data appear. Then tell me what happened.
Thanks! i tried this sketch on my arduinoUNO, all the wires are connected as well...but it doesn't work!! any suggest? When Arduino it's powered the servos make a small movement...and no more!
veja como esta&Acirc;&iexcl; ficando ,ainda falta os leds vermelhos atraz dos olhos e um grito horripilante quando abrir a boca. hehe <br> <br>abraco <br> <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYRq9GiP5zI&amp;list=UUQN7G25845aVjhWSee1qkKA&amp;index=1&amp;feature=plcp
Hehehe.. Ficou legal. Colocou um servo em cada olho. Boa id&Atilde;&copy;ia!
ol&Atilde;&iexcl;, s&Atilde;&sup3; agora consegui , junto &Atilde;&nbsp; Abril, comprar os volumes 1 e2 . agora vou poder montar o meu com controle remoto. hehehe
Boa! Qualquer d&Atilde;&ordm;vida, pergunta ai.
cool man.. cool.
wow very cool might setup a display that you insert your hand in and it bites you
wow! I like it! And I like Achmed, he's so cute!
Thanks!<br>Be careful! Because he can kill you. hehehe...
S&oacute; nas estast&iacute;sticas dos jogos uaheuaheuahe<br>Um amigo meu tem uma caveirinha dessa, &eacute; aquela da revista? uahuahe<br>&Eacute; de que lugar cara?
&Eacute; sim. Da cole&ccedil;&atilde;o corpo humano da editora Abril. Sou do Rio de Janeiro. Vlw!
lol very nice creation! <br>I have a skull like this from a magazine collection too.<br>I always full with candies for Halloween.<br>:*
love it
Muito bom! Utilizar o wii-chuck ao inv&eacute;s de montar um controle foi uma boa sacada!
Tambem gostei. Ainda mais que eu ja tinha tudo aqui em casa e n&atilde;o precisei comprar nada. O movimento do aceler&ocirc;metro est&aacute; no software. Basta colocar o servo da mand&iacute;bula ou dos olhos l&aacute; no pino 10. Tamb&eacute;m fica bem legal.
where did you get this particular skull from, it's very cool. I've got one of the halloween talking ones from a couple of years ago that I could probably convert over easily for this as it already has servos, hinged jaw, etc. but it doesn't look nearly as realistic as this one.<br><br>
Hi I bought here in Brazil, in a collection about the human body. But any other skull plastic could be used, with little modifications.
Legal, vou copiar e fazer com controle remoto. muito legal. parabens
very nice i <a href="http://rubybarrera.wordpress.com/">love</a> it
Very nice i love it
Thanks General!

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