Interchangeable Suncatcher Candleholder





Introduction: Interchangeable Suncatcher Candleholder

Make a candleholder with a space to display and change out
suncatchers to catch the light of the flame.



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Thank you. I thought the Holiday Gifts contest had to be something you actually made and gave as a gift this past Christmas; but after reading your suggestion I read the entry rules again and that doesn't seem to be the case. Although this is something my children and I would definitely make to give as a present, we didn't make this until after Christmas. Thanks for the encouragement and the idea to enter the other contest. I think I will.


I'm not sure how to add the details so I'll do it here. Draw a circle on wax paper around the base of a votive or other candle holder. Glue glass gemstones around the circle. Hold a suncatcher in front of the circle and arrange gemstones around it to form the holder for the suncatcher. Glue those gemstones together and then glue another layer on top of them and the circle, too. We made the circle two layers high and the holder in the front three layers high. After the glue has dried, set your votive holder in the circle, place your suncatcher in the holder in front, and light your candle. Enjoy the glow through the suncatcher and enjoy changing the suncatcher out with other ones.