Interesting Trick in Windows Vista





Introduction: Interesting Trick in Windows Vista

An interesting trick that involves changing the size of Windows Vista icons. I did it in Vista Business so I don't know if it will work for the other versions but I'm sure it will. First instructable, so please don't be brutal. :-)

Step 1: Changing the Size

There really isn't any thing to it. All you have to do is single-click on one of your icons. Then simply hold down the CTRL button and scroll the wheel on your mouse (or drag your finger if you have a laptop and use the pad) at the same time. The icons should change size. You can make them either bigger or smaller. Like I said earlier, I did this in Windows Vista Business. If it doesn't work in the other versions (Basic, Home Premium. ect.) or if it does works in Windows XP please comment! Thanks!! Have Fun!!

Note:This changes all of the icons. Some icons change more than others.

P.S. Comment me with ideas for uses using this feature.



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    it works on xp......... for IE8!

     i dont want to be brutal, but most ppl already know how to change icon sizes.

    Awesome! 5/5

    wow, great tip. gave me lots more desktop space for other icons and makes everything look better in general thanks!

    vista is so darn expensive! use xp with mods to make it look like vista or get pirated copy for free

    i will team up with microsoft and hunt you down if you pirate vista =P its only like $100...

    its $300 here

    you can just get the upgrade disk that costs alot less

    Yeah kingalexl...where in the name of ninjas are you buying your OS's?