Picture of Interfaces for Games: PunchOut
This is how to turn Mike Tyson's Punch Out into a full-body workout with real feedback.

(how to make reliable, rugged, touch sensors)
(how to hack a game controller)
(how to make blinding feedback from the game itself)

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Step 1: Shopping List: Rugged, Clean Handgemacht Touch Sensors

Picture of Shopping List: Rugged, Clean Handgemacht Touch Sensors
A shopping list for a nice, clean way to make touch sensors.

What you need:

Wires - ours were slightly longer than 1m (to reach the floor, and to be inserted into the bag).
Cardstock (150lb, I think...).
Metallic duct tape.
Foam wrap (2-3mm thick, usually used for shipping electronics).
Sponge - Art / Craft material (1.5mm thick - found in arts and crafts stores)
Book binding tape (25-30mm wide - a special weaved material, because it's strong and clean)

+ all the general tidbits for hacking: microcontrollers (for testing), solder + iron, cutters, blades, etc...

Step 2: Conductive Pads

Picture of Conductive Pads
Run a strip of metallic tape along the width of your cardstock.

Cut the taped portion off, and then into equal size squares [ you will need 2 for each sensor ].

You should have a bunch of pads. We had 10 buttons [ up, down, left, right, a (x2), b (x2), select, start ] , so we needed 20 pads.

Step 3: Wiring the Pads

Picture of Wiring the Pads
Cut your wires.

Since our interface was going to be on the floor, and in a punching bag, we made the wires approximately 1m long ( so we bought 25m of 0.5mm wire just in case).

Strip the tips of the wires on either end.

Attach one end of each wire to the pad by fastening it underneath another portion of metallic tape.
Xstorm4 years ago
Can we use a keyboard for this?
Hacking is not about asking what can be done, it's about doing it!
Get a keyboard and post the results :D
So how does this work? I mean when you solder a wire to one of the joysticks button chip, then how do we like press it?
kirton (author)  Xstorm9993 years ago
Hey, the joystick works by connecting a circuit... so the underside of the joystick's buttons actually created a closed circuit which triggers the button action. So, if you have 2 wires connected to the joystick, if you just touch their free ends it will trigger.
But then, how do the buttons work? I mean they have rubber in them so i don't think rubber conducts electricity and makes a closed circuit.
When compressed, the foam in the sensors is squashed flat and the exposed surfaces of the metal are pushed together to make electrical contact. then the pressure is removed the foam will push the contacting plates apart and break the contact.
So, when making the sensors, the 2 wires inside shouldn't be touching each other or else the key will remain pressed right?
That's right. Each wire should only be touching one of the plates, and not each other.
wow.. this technique opens the door to lots of possibilities! Thanks for explaining this so well!
Da_Fudge6 years ago
That is awesome!!!
I agree! Keep up the good work!
samseide5 years ago
Just wanted to show you guys the punchout interface I built, building upon your idea here.

Thanks for the great idea!
kirton (author)  samseide5 years ago
Hey, nice work! How long have you had the Slam Man? Cheers, t