Introduction: Interfacing BMP180 Barometric Sensor With Mediatek Linkit One

Picture of Interfacing BMP180 Barometric Sensor With Mediatek Linkit One

In This Instructable ,You will be able To Interface BMP 180 with Linkit One Board.BMP180 is A Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor through which You will Be able To Measure Pressure, Altitude and Temperature.

Step 1: Requirements

Mediatek Linkit One Board
BMP 180 : Barometric Sensor
Jumper Wires
USB Cable For Board

Step 2: Connections

Picture of Connections

BMP 180 : Barometric Sensor

Vin : 3V3 On Board
GND : Gnd
SCL : SCL On Board
SDA. : SDA On Board

Step 3: Code,Compile and Run

Picture of Code,Compile and Run

Upload The Code, Import the header file attached above And You Can See The Output On The Serial Monitor Depending Upon The Environment Conditions.
Congratulations!!! You Have successfully Interfaced BMP 180 with LinkIt One Board!!


phyominthant (author)2016-04-11

This always showing 20meter. Altitude is not changing even i go from basement to level 10. Can u check again please?

ParthP23 (author)phyominthant2016-04-12

yaa Okay will Check It and Let u know soon

phyominthant (author)ParthP232016-08-01

Brother, have you found the working code?

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