Picture of Interfacing a Digital Micrometer to a Arduino & VGA Monitor
We had a project that required connection to a digital micrometer with a data output jack. The idea was to connect a microcontroller to the micrometer, to read the measurements and make decisions based on the readings. The micrometers that we used are made by Mitutoyo, and have a funky 52 character data stream in reverse bit order. The microcontroller we chose is the Arduino, and we used a 4D systems uVGA-II to take serial output from the Arduino and display it on a VGA monitor. Parts available from Hacktronics. Email me if you want a kit.

Major Components:

Mitutoyo 293-335 Coolant Proof LCD Micrometer, Friction Thimble, 0-1"/0-25.4mm Range, 0.001mm/0.00005" Graduation, +/-0.00005" Accuracy, SPC Output

Mitutoyo 05CZA662, Digimatic Cable, 40", With Data Switch for Coolant Proof Micrometers


Arduino Mega or compatible

Protoshield recommended

2 PN2222A transistors
four 10k Ohm resistors
2x5 shrouded header
one momentary pushbutton

Step 1: Mitutoyo Cable Schematic

Picture of Mitutoyo Cable Schematic
This is a diagram showing how the Mitutoyo cable is wired. There is a red "data" button on the micrometer end of the cable that we were not using in this application, so we decided to use it as a "menu" button.
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