Ever wanted to make your own application (*.exe) to work with your arduino (or other serial communicating device)?

This instructable requires:

  - Visual Studio 2008 or later* (I am using 2010 RC, some options may differ between versions)
  - Visual C# Express Edition 2008 or later*

  - An Arduino (Any type) or other kind of serial communicating device
  - A basic knowledge of the C# Language

* An earlier edition of VS may work, but I am not sure if it has the SerialPort library.

Step 1: Create a new application

Open Visual Studio and create a new Windows Forms Application. Then when form 1 comes up, add as many controls as you would like, starting with the SerialPort class.

If you are adding the Arduino support to your pre-made program, then just add the SerialPort class. If you are more advanced, you may want to make a plain code file with just the SerialPort library, so that you don't keep defining it.

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Bio: I love writing computer programs and pulling stuff apart to "see how it works", then putting it back together again.
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