Interior Decoration: World War II - "Yugoslavian Ammo Box"




Introduction: Interior Decoration: World War II - "Yugoslavian Ammo Box"

Well this is another wonderful completed project. Another diorama/decorative object for your room, real size, real objects, a bit art all here you go...

� The box was made by me I'm sorry because I didn't pictured while I was working on it but it was a great pleasure to work on such nice history project. 

• Bullets 7,8 mm, Yugoslavian gas mask with two new filters, some old documents, soldier bag and that's it, I could say that this is maybe my best project and my favor...

• Why Yugoslavian? I'm from Macedonia country stated in center of Balkan peninsula so my country was part of Yugoslavian Union so there are many connection between as and our northern neighbors. We could see many eng/american/fran. movies but there aren't many movies known for Yugo. partisans... 



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