An interior design concept of a bedroom, a separator with library and a bidirectional drawers between them.
this is a model 1:10
This is a 1:10 scale model, made entirely of various types of wood, plexiglass and forex
<p>Such a lovely idea you have shared for interior design.I appreciate your concepts that are very innovative and helpful.Bedroom floor is really stunning and can enhance the beauty of your house and give a personalized touch.I am also expertise in this field and can help you with your flooring needs for your new home construction,full remodel project in a very methodical manner.</p>
Kewl man!
I really like this. This reminds me a lot of the ideas my sister would come home with while she was working for <a href="http://www.cricklewoodinteriors.com/design.php?product=17" rel="nofollow">interior design calgary</a>. I find it amazing how some people like you can have such a feel for these things.
cool stuff man!!
never as yours!
I really like the hanging cube bookshelves. <br /> <br />GM
Thanks! <br>

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