Introduction: Internal Card Reader to Usb

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Use a internal card reader with USB connector

Step 1: Materials

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a Usb cable to replace old from motherboard connector,a usb card reader(internal),shrink tubing......

Step 2: Operation

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Open the Card reader and cut the old cable.We have 5 wires(red,black,green and white to connect at the USB cable) and a big black;this isolate(interférences)all wires inside.

Connect all wires with the same colors(red -red,black-black,green-green,white-white)and the external black.

closed the card reader and use it in external USB with différents pc,laptop,TV........

Step 3: Usage

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You can use it on external or replace in your pc again and use the motherboard connector for other.....

Thank you to watch.


KrishnaK153 (author)2017-04-16

any difference in using it with external and internal connection ?

alby21europa (author)KrishnaK1532017-04-17

Not diffrences the same connector

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