Use a internal card reader with USB connector

Step 1: Materials

a Usb cable to replace old from motherboard connector,a usb card reader(internal),shrink tubing......

Step 2: Operation

Open the Card reader and cut the old cable.We have 5 wires(red,black,green and white to connect at the USB cable) and a big black;this isolate(interférences)all wires inside.

Connect all wires with the same colors(red -red,black-black,green-green,white-white)and the external black.

closed the card reader and use it in external USB with différents pc,laptop,TV........

Step 3: Usage

You can use it on external or replace in your pc again and use the motherboard connector for other.....

Thank you to watch.

any difference in using it with external and internal connection ?
Not diffrences ....is the same connector

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