Internal Pics of the Knex T.C.R. 51 Mk5





Introduction: Internal Pics of the Knex T.C.R. 51 Mk5

I thought I would post some pics of the T.C.R. 51 as requested by various members. I am sorry if any of the pictures are hard to understand, they are not in order.



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    u have an assload of ibles and most of them r really good.


    Thats so simple it annoys me... lol... I spent about 10 hours over my spring break trying to make it from the mk 5 slideshow... the rounds kept getting stuck on eachother in the mag... when trying to pull the pin back, and when shooting, the end of the round would get caught on the end of the next one in the mag and would just flop out the barrel without much of anything... and furthermore, Thanks!

    Im sorry you had those problems =( The T.C.R. series expired anyway.


    Aww... oh well... I guess after I get around to building this (which probably won't be til summer vacation...) I'll work on a UKP 2 to fix everything that was wrong with the first...

    All great guns have to end eventually. Some of it was used in the Creeping Death Mk2, other parts were used in the W.O.P. Mk1 =D


    Yes parts are always the problem... I've got a "secret" project that I am trying to figure out how to finish... and lets just say, its something that hasn't been done with knex before, and It is all but done except for the non knex part...

    Sounds good =D Are you going to post a slide show maybe?


    yea when... its done... once again its something thats gonna have to wait til summer vacation... I spent forever and a half on it last summer, and still didn't finish it... and haven't had a chance to get back to it...