Step 4: Y Axis

Picture of Y Axis
The Y axis is pretty easy to build and takes just a bit of adjusting to get right. The Four rollers are mounted using the 1.5" angle brackets.  Since we only get one screw on each wheel, we used a longer #10 screw (7/16"), a washer and a split lock washer to help keep them tight.

As with the Y Axis carriage, putting the Y axis up on some small spacers seems to help the initial setup, and then you can go around and adjust them one by one.  For us, the space was about 1/2", and we found that two post-it pads was about right.  Make sure the Y Axis 1x3 t-slot is square in the frame as you make your adjustments.

We were avoiding making custom brackets, but clearly, this would be a good place for them if you are so inclined.