Step 4: TimeControl With ThingSpeak

Now we need to instruct our channel to run the MATLAB code periodically so we can continuously gather data. To do this, navigate to Apps tab, and under the "Actions" section, click on TimeControl. Click on the "New TimeControl" button and fill out the following information:

Name: Todoist Update

Frequency: Recurring

Recurrence: Minute

Every: 5 minutes

Action: MATLAB Analysis

Code to execute: Todoist

Then click on the "Save TimeControl" button. This TimeControl instructs the MATLAB code to run every 5 minutes, check Todoist.com for any overdue tasks, which returns a "0" if there aren't any overdue tasks, and a "1" if there are any overdue tasks. This information is then plotted to a graph under the "Task Overdue" channel where we can see a graph of our data as it updates.

<p>Which resistors are used in this project?</p>
<p>Also, where did you get your battery?</p>
<p>I guess when I fixed the links in my supply list, the link to the battery got lost! Anyway, that is now corrected, but I will include the link here as well: </p><p><a href="https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FVSG19E?ie=UTF8&tag=remembrall07-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B01FVSG19E">https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FVSG19E?ie=UT...</a></p><p>You don't have to use this exact battery, but do look for a Polymer Lithium Ion that is 3.7V. Adafruit sells a lot of great batteries. Generally, the larger mAh and size of the battery, the longer the battery life. Just make sure you don't buy a battery that is too big to fit inside the remembrall!</p>
<p>any idea for a replacement for this battery it seems to be out of stock everywhere.</p>
<p></p><p>https://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&amp;tag=instructab0f2-20&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;linkId=2766dc82fe2442f1d535b6c4cc4c7311&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;index=electronics&amp;keywords=Lithium%20Ion%20Polymer%20Battery</p><p><a href="https://www.adafruit.com/categories/574">https://www.adafruit.com/categories/574</a></p><p>The first few results when visiting the above links will show you some good batteries. Make sure you choose one that is 3.7V, and generally the larger the mAh (along with a larger sized battery) means that you can go longer before you have to recharge. Just make sure to take a look at the specs to confirm that your battery will fit inside of the plastic ornament. </p>
<p>I used 100ohm resistors. Honestly, they were a little much for this project. The LEDs were a little dimmer than I had hoped, but I was trying to be conservative with spending money on supplies and had some lying around from another project.</p><p>I recommend looking at the specs for the LEDs you have and visit http://ledcalc.com/ to calculate exactly what you need. When I used the calculator, it told me that 22ohm was more appropriate for the LEDs I had purchased, but it might be slightly different for you unless you purchased the same LEDs as me. </p>
<p>Your project is absolutely wonderful, and it gave me the courage to try to learn more about scary sounding things like &quot;JSON&quot; and &quot;web hooks.&quot; I didn't make an actual ball, but I got my LEDs to work just like yours! Thanks, so much for sharing your knowledge! I finally understand a little more about how the IoT works and feel confident enough to start experimenting on my own! </p><p>Through some trial and error, I did notice a small thing missing in the code when adding the Todoist URL to ThingSpeak. I believe there should be single quotation marks in front and after the URL. Much gratitude to you!</p>
<p>Fantastic! Having recently found the courage to learn more about those scary words myself, I am so happy that this Instructable was able to help you! Since I always love seeing when people leave &quot;Made It!&quot; comments on my projects, I will be sending a code for a 3 month Instructables Pro Membership your way! Check your Inbox for the code. </p><p>And you were correct about the quotation marks! I must have accidentally deleted them when removing my personal URL from the code. I have updated the writeup accordingly. Thanks for catching my mistake!</p>
<p>This is really cool. Is anyone making extras to sell? Beyond my skill.</p>
<p>Hi, thanks for your comment! Unfortunately I am not able to make these to sell at the moment. I am always happy to answer questions to troubleshoot problems and give advice for those trying to make this project though! </p>
Ah well ... thanks anyway.
<p>Nice, very creative!</p>
<p>Thank you StefanS96!</p>
<p>Allie,</p><p>This is, to borrow the colloquialism, quite amazing! I have always desired to have a collection of Harry Potter related things that I've made that work, and with this, and a Weasley clock that works, I am fulfilling that dream! Now all you need to make is a wand that works!</p>
<p>Thank you so much!!! If you end up making the Remembrall, I would love to see pictures! And if you're looking to make a wand that works, I made a Magic Wand TV Remote about a year and a half ago. With some work, it could definitely be programed to do more than control just a television! Here is a link to the Instructable for that project: </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Magic-Wand-TV-Remote/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Magic-Wand-TV-Remo...</a></p>
<p>Oh, and also, I'm on Step 2 with the part with putting your Access Code into the URL, and it says that my Access Code is invalid....</p>
<p>Are you including the parentheses with the Access Token? If so don't. For example, if your access token is 1234567890, the URL should look like this:</p><p><a>https://todoist.com/API/v7/sync/?token=</a>12345667890&amp;sync_token=%27*%27&amp;resource_types=[%22items%22]</p><p>NOT this:</p><p><a>https://todoist.com/API/v7/sync/?token=(</a>1234567890)&amp;sync_token=%27*%27&amp;resource_types=[%22items%22]</p><p></p><p>If that doesn't solve your problem and you feel comfortable doing so, feel free to send me a personal message with your Access Token and I would be happy to try and get it to work for you.</p>
<p>Thank you so much!!!!! It worked! I can't believe that I didn't notice that!</p>
<p>Hi, I can't find where the &quot;Manage App&quot; button is. If you could please send some sort of screenshot of where it is, that would be much appreciated! Thank you!</p>
<p>Hi! Again I am very sorry for the slow reply! The Manage App button can be found through this link: </p><p><a href="https://developer.todoist.com/#api-overview">https://developer.todoist.com/</a></p><p>And here is a screen shot of it circled! </p>
<p>Thank you so much!</p>
<p>Congrats on winning first prize!</p>
<p>Thank you! Congratulations to you too! I was extremely impressed when I found out that your 'Time Turner Necklace' was made entirely out of paper!!!! </p>
<p>Great Instructable, its a good example of the varied skills that a well-rounded maker should/could develop. Also, good job on real-life-ing such a oddball movie item, I dig it! </p>
<p>Wow, thank you for such a nice comment! I'm completely flattered!!! </p>
<p>:-) You had me at &quot;knack for making useless things&quot;, there is something strangely rewarding about it. My &quot;Text Message in a Bottle&quot; is my favorite one so far.</p>
<p>Haha, I remember seeing your &quot;Text Message in a Bottle&quot; project back when it was posted and thinking it was really clever!!! </p>
<p>Very nicely done! I'm actually working on a moving Weasley clock, and used the app and cloudmqtt site you mentioned in your other instructable on the picture frame! Keep up the awesome work!</p>
<p>Awesome!!! I'd love to see your Weasley Clock when you are done! It's always really nice to hear when people use resources that I mention in my Instructables for their own projects. It makes me want to keep making, developing and writing, so thanks for such an encouraging comment!</p>
This is a really cool idea and fantastic instructabke, you got my vot :) Now, to build this I'd first really have to clean up my todoist. It would be glowing red 24h as of now :((
<p>Haha, it's glowing red for me right now too! And thank you! I appreciate the vote!</p>
<p>do you know how I could make this detect open WiFi?</p>
<p>Hi, unfortunately I don't think there is a way. If you wanted to be able to use this project in multiple locations and have a smart phone with a hotspot, you could try using that route. Here is a link to a forum topic talking about hotspots:</p><p>https://community.particle.io/t/connecting-to-an-iphones-wifi-and-using-its-3g-4g-web-connection/210/21</p>

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