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The Internet Controlled RC Car allows you to remotely drive around a small rc car from wherever you may be and see where it is going. This is fun because you can remote explore whatever space you leave it in, or hand over the keys - so to speak - and allow someone to drive around your space. This is also a great building block for a telepresence robot.

This project is also a great beginner project for someone who has made a few simple things and is looking to get slightly deeper into the world of microcontrollers. It starts to incorporate more advanced skills like circuit building and networking, but is not dauntingly complex.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

You will need:

(x1) RC car (RadioShack #60-875)
(x1) Wireless camera (RadioShack #55056398 - web only)
(x1) Arduinio Uno (RadioShack #276-128)
(x1) Seeed Ethernet Shield (RadioShack #276-241)
(x1) Rectangular PCB (RadioShack #276-150)
(x1) 1" round PCB (RadioShack #276-004)
(x1) 7805 5V regulator (RadioShack #276-1770)
(x1) 10uF capacitor (RadioShack #272-1013)
(x1) 0.1uF capacitor (RadioShack #272-135)
(x1) M-type jack (RadioShack #274-1582)
(x1) K-type plug (RadioShack #274-1567)
(x4) 5V SPST relays (RadioShack #275-232)
(x1) 6" x 4" x 2" project enclosure (RadioShack #270-1806)
(x1) 7.2V rechargeable battery (RadioShack #23-2183)
(x5) AA batteries (RadioShack #23-2212)
(x1) Ethernet cable (RadioShack #55058573 - web only)
(x1) USB cable (RadioShack #26-713)
(x1) Assorted zip ties (RadioShack #55066143 - web only)
(x1) Shrink tube (RadioShack #278-1627)
(x1) M3 nut, bolt and washer

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jmanl2006 made it!9 days ago

I used this Instructable as a starting point, but used a Raspberry Pi and an old Android phone running an IP camera app instead. Having a Wifi dongle connected to the Pi, your range is only limited by your wireless network. I used a power bank with two USB ports to power the phone and Pi. I ran Apache and PHP on the Pi to host the webpage for the controls and had the buttons run PHP scripts that turn the GPIO pins on for half a second then off, making the car go in whatever direction those pins are wired to. I embeded the camera feed from the phone in the page hosted on the Pi. Set up port forwarding to access remotely. https://instagram.com/p/5qN4SfKhGy/

2015-07-27 20.15.01.jpg
STech1210 days ago

Hi Randofo

I really like this idea, and I have all the parts, but just one question. I was wondering if I could use a wifi shield instead of an ethernet shield. It would mean wireless connection to the Arduino, so I wouldn't have to plug in the ethernet cable. Please help ASAP.

Thank you

STech12 STech1210 days ago

And if I can use a WiFi shield instead, would the code be the same, and would I use an IP address like with an ethernet shield

STech12 STech1210 days ago

Lastly, could I get the wiring diagram, as mentioned in Step 12

Thank you for your help in advance

STech1210 days ago

I am a beginner and would really like your help

pgupta314 months ago


nice one .made it using arduino uno , ethernet shield , tp link nano router 702 N(converting to wifi) and two servo motors. I want to add ultrasonic sensor to it ,

tried it by adding sensor but I m facing difficulty in modifying sketch for obstacle avoidance.I dont know much programming can you help me with modified sketch?

pgupta31 pgupta314 months ago

I have not used relays as I m directly controlling from browser through wifi.

code cant run ip will not open if the code run i have set mac and ip also correct plz help

so i searched for the wiring diagram, and figued out one that would work.




1 goes to the ground of what the RC remote uses for that functions ground. I.E. when you go forward, all the controler is doing is connecting a middle contact with another, and that same middle is used for reverse. so connect 1 to that common ground. then 4 will go to the contact that is specifict for that function. 2 goes to the ground on the audrino, i just connected them all together and poped it in the extra ground pin for the audrino. 3 goes to the designated pin on the audrino that gets the calls of High or Low. Feel free to send me a message if this isnt clear enough.

Someone asked for a better pin-out so here it is. Feel free to ask anything else. I had to go through a different process to get mine wireless, so if you want to know how, I can make something for people if they want, otherwise I'm not going to if people dont need/ want it. Feel free to message me if you want how I got it put together!

paulray01125 months ago

Do you think I could get the wiring Diagram please.

paulray01125 months ago

Do you think I could get the wiring Diagram please.

midnightcow8 months ago

Hi, randofo.

Nice instructable. It's so good idea. I think also Ethernet to IR gateway solution as you. Because I have always been found where is TV remote-controller.

Your intructables will help me for making Ethernet to TV romote-controller.

Thank you.

ibenkos9 months ago
Smart idea! Do I have to use the same ethernet shield as you use? I have the original arduino ethernt shield, can I use it? And do I have to do any wiring differently?
dudyash ibenkos9 months ago

is this car is wireless ??? and if yes then how ??? i dun want to use Lan cable, it will b be its drawback

arjen.arie9 months ago

Do you have an electrical plan of the connection of your arduino, components and wifi shield? And also something like a H- bridge of your project?

is this car is wireless ??? and if yes then how ??? i dun want to use Lan cable, it will b be its drawback

dudyash9 months ago

IS this car without cable ??? or if not, then how to make it wireless ? with use of arduino wireless shield or what ?
please suggest i want it to b wireless, dun wan lan cable with it..it is its drawback

Haiderbokhari10 months ago

wiring diagram?

where is wiring diagram?

Hey man,were you able to get that wiring diagram? I kinda need it too, tnx!

did you guys get the relay wiring diagram?
sanand710 months ago
thanks i will try and send a result
sanand710 months ago
thanks i will try and send a result
Devendra Deore10 months ago

is there any alternet option for ARD124B2P ethernet shield??????????????

should i use another ethernet shield

nd what will be change in program???????

plzzzzzz reply its very urgent

donaldyan1 year ago

A quick question. where is the diagram mentioned in step 12 Wire it Up?

"Wire the remote control board to the relay board as specified in the wiring diagram."

A really good solution with off-the-shelf parts!

Hey bro, were you able to get that wiring diagram you were looking for? I kinda need it too, tnx!

chriskeeet11 months ago

What if I use Aceduino aside from Arduino?Would that be okay?

chriskeeet11 months ago

What if I use Aceduino aside from Arduino?Would that be okay?

chriskeeet11 months ago

What if I use Aceduino aside from Arduino?Would that be okay?

hmalik31 year ago

I just read it out and really felt pleasure that such things can be made also . I'll try my best to make this for my brother he love toys and this is a advanced one

Question! I have a GoPro Hero 3 Black, can I use this as my camera or do I have to have a webcam? I want to find a small enough camera to fit in the RC I have without too much modification to the body of it as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

you could use the gopro app for streaming

you could but you would only be able to record and store to the go pro sd card. wouldnt be able to stream like a web cam

Another question as well. Is there a way to change the Java script so that I may use my Keyboard instead of the page. I would like the driving to be pretty smooth.

kshowell1 year ago

Great project !

Finally get to play with the Ethernet Shield I've had for a while.

This is an awesome project! The only thing I would recommend would be to cut and reconnect battery wires one at a time to avoid sparks and damaging batteries. Still this is a really great project, keep up the good work!

jeffyg31 year ago

this is awesome. I can keep watch of my apartment while I'm away. Plus looks fun to mess around with. I'm gunna find a WRX remote car to match my Subaru. Thanks for the project post :)

Roughly how much did everything cost?

Just made a quick total of all said parts. It comes to $235

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