Picture of Internet High Five Lighted LED Brooch
Talk to the hand.  Seems like a lot of people give the Internet High Five graphic as an enthusiastic response to something.  How do you do it in real life?  Well, how about a pin or button that is the Internet High Five hand and all you have to do is point to it and smile.  And while we are at it, make it backlit with an LED, 'caus that's what we do around here and a lot of people are germaphobes.

Step 1: Get your stuff together...

Picture of Get your stuff together...
You will need:

An LED electronic candle (flickering tealights)

A plastic hand - IKEA Patrull safety bumper caps

Pin backing clasps - found in the jewelry findings/notions at the craft store

Hot glue gun to put it all together

Hacking tools like a utility knife, screwdriver, wire cutters

CAUTION: Know how to use your hot glue gun and handle hot glue only when cooled or you will burn yourself.
canucksgirl3 years ago
That's very cute! Looks like a Mickey Mouse High Five. ;)
caitlinsdad (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
This is a Mickey Low Five.
He was too slow.
Or too low?
caitlinsdad (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
he missed the side to side with the Fn door
Why that doesn't have hundreds of thousands of views, I will never know.
caitlinsdad (author)  Kryptonite3 years ago
it is over 9000 though.
caitlinsdad (author)  Kryptonite3 years ago
This day just got considerably better.
Kiteman3 years ago
If you want the hand to glow more, you could make a thinner one out of polymorph, or cut one from a sheet of transluscent plastic.
caitlinsdad (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
True, but this is pret-a-porter hacking
Haha, I once got thrown out of McDonalds for that...
caitlinsdad (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
It was not a happy meal?
You know those straw tooters you can make? That really annoying noise they make?

Now imagine the sound if some kind person made them for every child in a busy burger joint...

omnibot Kiteman3 years ago
You rock!
Kiteman omnibot3 years ago
Thank you.
caitlinsdad (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
So you invented the vuvuzela craze...dang football fans
super fun!
Hi Caitlin!