Picture of Internet Photo Frame

Unlike most commercial frames, this digital picture frame connects to Flickr, allowing you to add and remove photos without a physical storage device, such as USB stick or SD card. A Raspberry Pi hidden inside the TV connects to the internet and automatically updates the pictures when the Flickr album is modified.


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Step 1: Set up the Raspberry Pi

Picture of Set up the Raspberry Pi

Since there are already plenty of good guides for setting up a Raspberry Pi, I won't go into the details here. I followed this instructable, and made sure that I had auto-login working (wifi doesn't work well with my network, so I ended up plugging in to ethernet since I had the power cables showing anyway). I would also recommend setting up SSH so you can access the Pi without taking apart your picture frame.

JessicaM131 month ago

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juan99993 months ago

awesome tutorial. Has anyone written scripts to do a live slideshow from an instagram user or hashtag?

wardelder6 months ago

Found it! looks like the photo.__dict__['attrib'] item has been replaced with photo.attrib

So far the code is working.

wardelder6 months ago

I made a typo, I am running FlickrAPI v2.0 not v1.4.

wardelder6 months ago

I have tried you code but keep getting an error on one line:

url, filename = make_url(photo.__dict__['attrib'])

I get the following errror:

AttributeError: __dict__

I cannot figure this out except that my flickr API may be different than yours. I am running Flickrapi v1.4

I believe my version is the issue because the following line was wrong in your code for v1.4:

flickr = flickrapi.FlickrAPI (FLICKR_KEY)

I had to change it to:

flickr = flickrapi FlickrAPI (FLICKR_KEY,FLICKR_SECRET)

This worked but the __dict__ does not. I wish I knew more about Python as I am at a dead end...

aesquillo6 months ago


aphanman7 months ago

This is great. I actually started working on this too, but ran into an issue. I modified the steps a little bit and mounted a share on my Pi so it will display my own pictures from a network share. However, it seems that I get an error and based on my research it sounds like feh wasn't made to handle pictures bigger than 3MB. Have you ran into this issue?

Beaconsfield (author)  aphanman7 months ago

I did not, but my images weren't particularly large. You should be able to reduce the picture size automatically in your code before displaying it with feh, although off the top of my head I can't tell you how.

bigbutbald7 months ago

Is there a way to adjust this to pull from a certain flickr hashtag instead of from a flickr user?

Beaconsfield (author)  bigbutbald7 months ago

Yes, there is. Take a look at the tutorial here: There are instructions for downloading images by tag, although they may be outdated. If you look at the flickr api, there are a few calls that also seem promising -, flickr.tags.GetClusterPhotos, etc.

yugnats9 months ago