Picture of Internet Photo Frame

Unlike most commercial frames, this digital picture frame connects to Flickr, allowing you to add and remove photos without a physical storage device, such as USB stick or SD card. A Raspberry Pi hidden inside the TV connects to the internet and automatically updates the pictures when the Flickr album is modified.


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Step 1: Set up the Raspberry Pi

Picture of Set up the Raspberry Pi

Since there are already plenty of good guides for setting up a Raspberry Pi, I won't go into the details here. I followed this instructable, and made sure that I had auto-login working (wifi doesn't work well with my network, so I ended up plugging in to ethernet since I had the power cables showing anyway). I would also recommend setting up SSH so you can access the Pi without taking apart your picture frame.

bigbutbald2 days ago

Is there a way to adjust this to pull from a certain flickr hashtag instead of from a flickr user?

yugnats1 month ago