ISPRESSO: Remote Controlled, Raspberry Pi Powered Espresso Machine

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iSPRESSO is an appliance modification comprised of Raspberry Pi computer, solid state relays, temp sensor, buttons and a display, a custom Printed Circuit Board, and custom linux shell scripts and a good bit of python code. The instructions to build, including source code, is available on this site and

iSPRESSO features:

  • Programmable software PID Controller for precise boiler temperature control
  • Configurable Pre-soak time, wait time, and brew time
  • Controllable from web browser, iPad, iPhone (Android coming soon) on WiFi network
  • Schedule allows programmable on / off timing for each day of the week
  • LCD readout for system status, toggle buttons for operation
  • Smart Connect for easy setup to your WiFi network
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Step 1: Shopping List

WARNING: Before you get started, be aware that messing with electricity near water is very dangerous! Be sure you know what you are doing, take every precaution, consult an electrician, and be 100% sure you are using GFCI outlet.


I've put together a list of most of the items you will need to build this. To the extent possible, these are Amazon Prime items:

iSPRESSO Shopping List

Step 2: Remove Top Panel

Picture of Remove Top Panel

Remove the top panel by removing 4 screws holding on the top, and lifting the top. Remove the black reservoir lid and set aside. Pull hoses out of the way and remove water tank and set aside.

Step 3: Removing Front Panel

Picture of Removing Front Panel

Remove front panel by removing two screws from the front panel, and slide it out laterally to the right, moving foam nozzle out of the way. Remove bottom grating and bottom tray.

Step 4: Remove Water Tank Heat Shield

Picture of Remove Water Tank Heat Shield

Remove inner rear shield that forms the housing for the water tank. This is accomplished by unscrewing two screws holding on rear shield, holding the hoses out of the way, and wrestling that damn thing out of there.

Step 5: Mount Solid State Relays (SSR's)

Picture of Mount Solid State Relays (SSR's)

Mount Solid State Relays (SSR). Please note that although the pictures may show 25A SSR, you will need 40A SSRs for the Silvia V3. 25A did work on Silvia V1, but not on V3. Hold up SSR’s and mark holes with a screwdriver. Drill holes using quality Cobalt bits - the metal is extremely strong. Wear eye protection.

I may not like coffee, but I do like a cool Instructable. Good Job!

ZacharyMetz8 months ago

I made something just like this last year. check it out.

Well this is crazy, AWESOME!

the_anykey9 months ago

looks great, where is the conveyor belt option? so it make make many cups of coffee in a row :-)

Michael_oz9 months ago

I keep getting Error 418, see (

veggiebenz (author)  Michael_oz9 months ago

Awesome! Thanks for that reference, I was not aware of it. I will have to implement that protocol in future versions :)

ivver9 months ago

Awesome idea! Love it :D

andrea biffi9 months ago

wow! come to Italy!! you'll be rich! ;-)

craftclarity9 months ago

Super cool!