Control Home Appliances From Your Smarthphone With Blynk App and Raspberry Pi


Introduction: Control Home Appliances From Your Smarthphone With Blynk App and Raspberry Pi

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In this project, we are going to learn how to use Blynk app and Raspberry Pi 3 in order to control home appliance (Coffee maker,Lamp,Window curtain and more...).

Hardware components :

  1. Raspberry Pi 3
  2. Relay
  3. Lamp
  4. Breadboard
  5. Wires

Software apps :

  1. Blynk App

Step 1: Install Operating System in Pi

You can skip this step if you have installed the OS already in the Pi.If yes then go to step 2 or else look the complete OS installing instructions in this link that I uploaded.

NOTE: You can also use your Smartphone or a PC to remote connect to you Raspberry Pi in this link that I uploaded :

Step 2: Blynk's Configuration

To setup Blynk App,you should follow the steps below :

  1. Download the Blynk app on your smartphone and create an account.
  2. Create a new project, select from the list your hardware (Raspberry Pi 3).
  3. Select connection type (Wifi,Bluetooth...).
  4. Add a widget to your control panel by clicking on the plus icon on the top right.
  5. Select the Button widget,and double tap on it to edit its settings.
  6. Install Node.js library on Linux( For that I advice you to watch the video or follow this link: ).

Note : Authentication key is send to your email.

Step 3: Watch the Video for More Details

All the Blynk App configuration is shown in video.

Hope you will like this toturial.


Step 4: Schematic

Kindly follow the steps bellow :

  1. Connect the Raspberry's Vcc to the Relay's Vcc.
  2. Connect the Raspberry's GND to the Relay's GND.
  3. Connect the Raspberry's GPIOx to the Relay's IN.

Step 5: For Support

You can subscribe to the my YouTube channel for more tutorials and projects. Subscribe for support. Thank you.

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    Great start for blynk plus rpi. The video at the end is not working though :(

    5 replies

    Thanks for your feedback. The video seems good :)

    maybe its the instructables app but it just comes up as a picture. do you have a direct link for it please?

    Thank you. Got it working on my old R pi model B. The only difference was i had to do the manual node.js install and choose Pin GP4 in the blynk app :)