Picture of Intersecting Planes - Origami
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This is a great way for students to visualize intersecting planes in 3-D space.
It also very hands-on and does not require a lot of time.

6 sheets of paper (3 different colors x 2 sheets each)

I buy colorful reams of paper and take them to Kinkos (a copy shop) and have them cut off one end of each ream.
Turn the 8.5" x 11" paper into 8.5 "x 8.5" squares.
They usually charge a dollar or two per ream. 

You could also do this yourself if you have a big paper cutter.  It just takes longer since you have to cut 4-10 sheets at a time.

I usually pair up my students.  It makes the folding go quicker and it is much easier to put together if you have 4 hands working and holding pieces.

My students are good at seeing Points and Lines and intersections in 2D.  But when I introduce Planes in 3D space, they have a hard time visualizing it in their head.  So I do this activity to give them a physical object that represents Intersecting Planes in 3D space.  It is important to have the 3 colors, as these represent the 3 different planes.  This is not a perfect example, but the kids really seem to get into it and they have a much better grasp on 3D space.

You could also extend this later to include Concave Polyhedrons.

2 Parts:

Folding the Paper

Putting it Together

I did not create this lesson.  I was taught it in a training seminar.  I do not remember the presenter or even the name of the seminar.  It was shared freely with me, and you should share it with others :-)
demonfox3 years ago
I used to love making these as a kid.
If you hold one loosely between your palms and blow on the tip it spins :)