Interview: Paul Alix, "Predators" 3D Model Maker


Step 2: Paul shows us how to pour a mold

Picture of Paul shows us how to pour a mold

I asked Paul to walk us through one of his side projects - creating an army of Instructables Robots!

Here, in this movie I took with my little point and shoot digital camera, he shows us how to pour a resin positive in a silicone mold he made from a clay sculpture.  Turns out when I use the zoom function, it sounds like we're in a wind tunnel.  (Maybe I should learn where the microphone on my camera is)  So hang in there - it's a very neat video with lots of little tips along the way!
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cpeterkelly4 years ago
If Paul is willing to demonstrate his mold making skills, that would be particularly informative, judging from the quality of his work...
LennyTheDub4 years ago
me too! Just had a look on etsy, with no joy.
mg0930mg4 years ago
Where do we get the robots?
DrWilson4 years ago
Wow. I want one!! lol