Step 2: Paul Shows Us How to Pour a Mold

I asked Paul to walk us through one of his side projects - creating an army of Instructables Robots!

Here, in this movie I took with my little point and shoot digital camera, he shows us how to pour a resin positive in a silicone mold he made from a clay sculpture.  Turns out when I use the zoom function, it sounds like we're in a wind tunnel.  (Maybe I should learn where the microphone on my camera is)  So hang in there - it's a very neat video with lots of little tips along the way!
Where do we get the robots?
^-- This.
This is so cool! I've been inspired to do my own model making and casting! Is there any way that I could contact Paul Alix to ask a bit more about the subject?
That's awesome.
This is an awesome thing to see in Instructables. I'm a concept artist having a tough time breaking into the industry. To see someone keep such an upbeat attitude about their failures as much as their successes, its very inspiring.
If Paul is willing to demonstrate his mold making skills, that would be particularly informative, judging from the quality of his work...
Its great that you got a chance to do this. Its a shame I can't see this movie in China cuz they aren't showing it. I wish I have those "in the right place and in the right time moments."
It's a pretty cool movie, sorry you can't see it!
Wow - the last three tips were _really_ inspiring. Thank you so much. Now I've come to realize that those are exactly the things that have been bothering me for the past two years!
me too! Just had a look on etsy, with no joy.
I can't wait for the movie, hope its good though. Haven't had any good aliens movie for a while.
Wow. I want one!! lol
Great video, I want to make little characters. Any input on the silicone or the resin Paul used?
Great question - I'll be sure to find out!
nice instructable! one tip: don't blow in the microphone please. sometimes you can't hear anything
I'm guessing that's air flow from the fan(s) used to remove fumes given off by the resin.
Yeah, it's the mic on my tiny digital camera. Not a proper video camera or anything. I think my thumb was covering it some of the time.

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