Into My Soul - Watercolor Painting





Introduction: Into My Soul - Watercolor Painting

In this Instructable I will show you how I painted this portrait, using watercolors, white gouache and colored pencils.

For the full painting process please check the video.

Step 1: Wet the Paper

First of all I wet the paper with clear water. This will help for making smooth blendings on girl's face.

While paper is still wet I apply base skin colors, using more paint where I think the skin is darker.

Step 2: Add Details

Once the first layer of paint is dried, I apply shadows with purple and blue.

I start painting details such as eyes, nose and lips.

Step 3: Refine With Pencils

I define details of girl's face with pencils, using vibrant colors for eyes and soft colors for lips and the nose.

I complete with light spots using white paint.

Step 4: Paint Hair

With the same wet on wet technique used before I color hair. For making the rainbow effect, I layer several colors.

Step 5: White Details + End

With white gouache I draw some lines and spots all over the hair and that's it!

For more details please watch the video, thank you! :)



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