Inspired by thesparine's card trick, I decided to show one of my favorite tricks. The name comes from the effect the trick gives, espically if the viewer has had a few.

Step 1: Set the Deck

Setting the deck is required for this trick, but it's very simple and can even be done in public without drawing notice.

1) Remove two sets of two cards from the deck. The color of all the cards must be the same. Each set must contain the same number or suit, depending on how you've grouped them. Black seems to work better, and I prefer using the 5 and 9. If you do the same, you will need to remove the 5 of clubs, the 5 of spades, the 9 of clubs, and the 9 of spades.

2) Place one of the cards on the bottom of the deck. In this example, I placed the 9 of clubs on the bottom.

3) Set the card opposite number AND suit at the top. Place the final two cards atop it.
Great I knew that trick but i used to throw the cards to my left hand Its very cool though
umm can you explain what you mean by setting the deck a little clearer? thanks
Which part of it are you having trouble with? You've got to pull four cards out of the deck, all of them the same color (with two sets of the same number). As an example, I pulled out the black 5's and 9's. Next, three of the cards go on top of the deck, and one card goes on the bottom. The card on top should match the card on bottom, but be opposite the suit. The order of the cards, ignoring the rest of the deck in the middle, should be XYXY (where X is one number and Y is another). In this example, you can see it's 5,9,5,9, with the clubs on the outsides (top and bottom) I think the pictures are likely the best help. Let me know if you need any more help.
I already knew this trick, its simple and you can do it with any type of deck.
you said if they put the card in the bottom or top, tell them soomething to reconsider. this might give away how it's done. Just say "place somewhere in the middle of the deck"
That's true, but no one ever puts it on top or bottom -- it was just a point that it would ruin the trick. I think if you said "Are you sure" and gave them a weird look, they would very likely put it elsewhere and not consider it ruining or revealing the trick. Most people realize that card tricks are indeed just card tricks, and in the interest of keeping it "magical," they would rather just accept certain aspect of it. The less they have to just accept, the better the trick is.
Lol so true, but i met a girl today and tried to show her the, i think elmsly count, and she said, "Oh, well i can see you counted two cards as one." I said no, since i counted three as one, and she's all like ," Yeah, whatever. And then she picks a card, places on the pile, and snatches it. THEN, she shuffles it and says ," which is my card now, HUH?!" Someone said chill, it's supposed to be a trick
No worries -- those people don't deserve to enjoy the trick anyway. She's the one that lost out, not you.
thanks man :) made me feel better today
i agree
i have also realized that if you use kings, queens, or jacks in diamonds and hearts, spectators are much less likely to notice the change. it is more or less psychological because people tend to pay more attention to spades and clubs rather than hearts and diamonds. the red suits look more similar in shape, therefore causing the spectator to notice it less. in addition, the picture cards (kings, queens, and jacks) draw more attention to the picture rather than the suit, having a larger outcome of 'magic'.
That's pretty kewl.
that makes absolutely no sense at all
It might make more sense to you if both the nines and fives were of the same suit. Or does that just compilcate it even more LOL?
it kinda does XD
im not sure either, i think i posted this when i should have went to sleep all ready
so the trick is that they may think your houlding the deck, but if they shuffle it. your "same"cards ar gone. or do i missunderstand something
I'm not really sure what you're asking.
You can shuffle the deck a couple times as well for some extra style. Just be sure to keep the cards in their places.
cool i'm going to try this
awsome yet simple!!!

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