Intricacy - K'nex Ball Machine


Introduction: Intricacy - K'nex Ball Machine

About: Hi, I'm Nick. On most sites (like YouTube and SSCoasters) I'm known as koolcoasterkid. I mainly build K'nex ball machines(the kind that go around the room). I've been building k'nex since I got my first se...

I finished this ball machine November 5, 2012, but since I posted K'netic Energy, I figured I'd post this machine too so people can see what else I've made. 

  Intricacy was my first public ball machine, and I consider it to be my first machine that was actually rather good. If anyone has any questions on how to make a element in Intricacy, let me know and I will post a page for it.  

 Here are a couple statistics about Intricacy:
- 20 paths
- 15 balls
- 15 path switchers
- 255 feet of track
- 20 000 parts
- 5 months of construction
- 4 lifts
- 4 motors
- 16 ball hooks



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    Awesome! I like how you build your ball machines all around your room.
    Also, in photo 1, is that your phone hanging from the lamp? :p

    2 replies

    Thanks. No, that is a air freshener thing hanging.

    WOW! This is awesome, well done! :-)

    not even looking' at the vid, I could tell it was COOL!!!!!

    Pretty nice, I can tell that your building style has improved since this machine. :-P And I like that second picture. Why are the pictures dated at 2007?

    2 replies

    Thanks. The dates are like that on the pictures because every time I took the SD card out, the camera date would reset.