Picture of Gym Teacher Prank
This is a prank I thought of when I started taking note of the metal support poles behind our basketball hoops. I first thought I would hang the chairs and desk from the ceiling but the ceiling is a good 30 feet high. So I decided on the support beam knowing its the sturdiest (if it falls under the chair's weight then it wasn't good enough). This Indestructible involves breaking in/sneaking into your school, it involves a ladder, some extra help, and a rope........I am not responsible if you get sued for doing something stupid.

I broke 1 contest requirement which was all the pictures had to be original but i hope you will accept it because most of my pictures are original!!!!!!!!

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1 chair (free)
1 table (free)
67-100 feet of 230 lb test rope ($15-??)
1 ladder (free)
Some extra help
Camera (optional)
An insider
good knot tying skills (also optional)
Gloves (you guessed it! Optional)

Step 2: Join the light side!

Picture of Join the light side!
It is best to get on the best possible side you can get on with the custodians. They are your main ingredient in this prank! Custodians provide your ladder and scissors (and sometimes a band-aid). Consider your plan a no-go if your a mess maker!

Step 3: Recruit!

Picture of Recruit!
Find some buddies, any will do that will keep their trap shut until April 1st. Having tall friends is an added benefit.

Step 4: Attire

Picture of Attire
Maybe the best attire would be black spandex with ski masks but you do not want to look too suspicious.

Step 5: Throw like an olympian!

Picture of Throw like an olympian!
Your going to need to add weight of some kind to the end of your rope, I used my box cutter (that I had to swap for a pair of scissors because it stabbed me) to bring the end of the rope to the ground. Note: leave the knife closed!

Step 6: Through the eye of the desk?!?!?

Picture of Through the eye of the desk?!?!?
Thread your rope through the desk by inside of the triangle tingy that keeps the legs from folding in on themselves, or find a place to thread your rope through on the chair that you are sure it wont slide off or out.
Nice, but ive been part of alot better. All in the same day, we let three pigs loose in the school. On each one, they had numbers, 1, 2, and 4. it took the teachers 4 hours to realise that there were only 3 pigs. When the principal was out tryin to get the pigs, we secured all of the things in his office to the ceiling. What a shock when he came in to find out that his room was upside down. The year before, the graduating class assembled the principals car in his office.
conrad2468 (author)  Thelonelysandwitch5 years ago
 I need to do that!
its awesome dude.
conrad2468 (author)  Thelonelysandwitch5 years ago
 howd you secure all of his stuff to the ceiling?
for the light things, we just used superglue and industrial velcro, and for the heavy things, we used that steel wire used for the suspended ceilings in offices.
sierrabravo6 years ago
you could have done that with just one person if you used a simple or compound pulley (real cheap from lowes hardware section)
conrad2468 (author)  sierrabravo6 years ago
Yes, I could have. But I live in Wyoming, 100 miles away from the nearest lowes.......
catboo226 years ago
how much trouble did you get in? Awesome!
Absolutely funny!
berky936 years ago
it would be funnier if you had the chair pulled up to the table with a dummy (fully clothed with a sweatshirt with the hood up to hide the face) sitting in the chair, as if someone was up there working...
temp berky936 years ago
that would be awesome!