Ok this is my first instructable, so i decided to make it on my hobby! In this instructable i will be teaching you how to make a website the "easy" and "hard" way! First off i will show you the "easy" way.
( Please take note that i do not own any of the websites shown here ) ( Please take another note the websites created by me have been deleted before this instructable was posted.

Step 1: Create Your Website!

We will be working on a very simple web program called "Webs"! first off go to Http://www.webs.com!

Start by looking at picture one and go through all five of them to get a deeper understanding.

First we will be naming our website! NAME IT SOMETHING YOU LIKE IF YOU ARE NOT MAKING NEW DOMAIN! After that we will move on to choosing a template! make sure you have read and agreed to the terms and services before you click "create my site"!
ok ill change that now! thank you for telling me.
You don't get a free domain name from dottk. You get the ability to forward a .tk domain to a webpage. They are very different things and very deceptive marketing.
Sorry i had no time to finish and i thought it would be helpful to some people. but ill post the rest tommorrow. i have alot to do today.
If this is half-done(?) you should have finished it before publishing. L

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