How to Make a Website the Easy and Hard Way!





Introduction: How to Make a Website the Easy and Hard Way!

Ok this is my first instructable, so i decided to make it on my hobby! In this instructable i will be teaching you how to make a website the "easy" and "hard" way! First off i will show you the "easy" way.
( Please take note that i do not own any of the websites shown here ) ( Please take another note the websites created by me have been deleted before this instructable was posted.

Step 1: Create Your Website!

We will be working on a very simple web program called "Webs"! first off go to Http://!

Start by looking at picture one and go through all five of them to get a deeper understanding.

First we will be naming our website! NAME IT SOMETHING YOU LIKE IF YOU ARE NOT MAKING NEW DOMAIN! After that we will move on to choosing a template! make sure you have read and agreed to the terms and services before you click "create my site"!

Step 2: Editing Your Site!

Editing your site gives you a great accessibility to personalizing your site!

After you have made your site you must make it look like a site! you have two options to choose from. The first choice makes the site for you but you still have to put down all the information you want on there. the second choice lets you build it on your own. both options let you create it differently later on but the first gives you a head start. I prefer the second choice just so its not a big job to do in my head.

I will be going deeper in the editing and not the modes now. First click on "content box" then click on "title" wait for the box to turn red before you edit it! bad things happened when i was impatient. change the title and repeat on the box below. you can add as many content boxes as you want.

i clicked on the "new page" button as shown in picture four to obviously make a new page. Making a new page has a very self explanatory system. you can choose from many page options like blogs or video pages. this web-creator even allows you to sell items on your page using the shop page option.

I made a regular page and named it games. to add cool things like games, or clocks, glitter text, and maybe even a interactive pet. also chat rooms are a great feature in a website.

if you want you can even put a members page to allow people to sign up on your website! make sure that you make your website a fun place for everyone. well unless your boring... :)

Step 3: Publishing Your Site to the Web!

When you are done editing a page for now, just click on publish! once all your pages are published you can come back and tweak or fully redo your site later! Have fun!

if you want to get a name like this go to Good luck!

Step 4: Hard Way

Ok i finally have time to take the liberty to teach you the hard way! Hang tight, you will be learning how to make a skin, enough HTML and CSS to get you through, and a few ways to publish your creation. lets start by making your skin! (no pun intended)



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      ok ill change that now! thank you for telling me.


      You don't get a free domain name from dottk. You get the ability to forward a .tk domain to a webpage. They are very different things and very deceptive marketing.

      Sorry i had no time to finish and i thought it would be helpful to some people. but ill post the rest tommorrow. i have alot to do today.

      If this is half-done(?) you should have finished it before publishing. L