Step 1: Step 1

1.Here are all the pieces you need to make the jet pack.

Step 2:

2. Now conect the the blue piece and the grey piece together.

Step 3:

3.Now add the see though stud and the controller on the grey piece.


Step 4:

4.Now add two microphones on the side.

Step 5:

5.Now you put a white cylinder onto the microphone and add a black piece then a black slope behind it.

Step 6:

6.Finaly you can put the jet pack on the droid.

<p>neat. its even cooler when you actullay build it. i used it as a flame thrower&nbsp; gas tank or what ever you call it. neat. <br /> neat<br /> neat<br /> neat<br /> neat<br /> neat<br /> neat...........................neat</p>
Cool! 3.5 stars. PS: Why didn't anyone else commented on this?
Thanks! P.S: I think the reason why people are not commenting because they must have nothing else to say about this.<br />
&nbsp;yeah, your right, there's not much to say about... &nbsp;Good job though!
I do cool<br />

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