This is my second instructable, so don't be too harsh...

     The name is self explanatory, a piece of plastic that blows up when you throw it, but it has a special feature.  It has a pin that actually prevents it from blowing up from things like accidental drops or anything of that nature.  Once the pin is out, it is very sensitive and will blow up if dropped from about 2 feet above the ground.  (The pin will not save it from throws though.  If you THROW it with the pin in, it will blow up.)

     I give credit to Darth Tso and Fred Da Bunny for the idea of the pin and the design. Thanks guys!

Step 1: Building the Grenade

Easy as pi. (3.1415926535...) lol. That must REALLY hard, JK it's really easy =P
<p><em><strong>Im Gonna build this right now cause its so awesome</strong></em></p>
:D<br />
Great job! ty for including credit to me!
your welcome.<br />
<strong><em>awesome grenade, u really put some effort into that<br /> </em></strong>
Thank you!<br />
&nbsp;:) 5 stars
Thanks! Did you build it, or do you just like the design and/or plans?<br />
&nbsp;I built it!!! it actually worked surprisingly well and scattered &nbsp;the pieces around 10 feet in my living room :)<br /> <br /> Well done!<br />
GEEZ!!!&nbsp; Mine didn't cause that kind of destruction! What RB's were you using?<br /> <br />
i used a bunch of small medium thick bands :)
That's why!&nbsp; I used 2 smalls and 1 large<br />
&nbsp;yep and i used more than just 3, i used like 10
my nade must be stronger than I thought! =D<br /> *THX DARTH&nbsp;TSO!!!*<br />
Interesting design.<br />
i like it!
Thanks!<br />
no problem
pretty cool
Make this into a time bomb by putting a motor that wraps up a rubber band which pulls out the pin BLAM! It's a time bomb!
that was prety cool but the top halves didnt blow
you either need stronger RB's or you need to throw it harder.<br />
Give me credit it is identical to mine in looks shape and how its put together. Or else i flag<br />
Mine is not identical!&nbsp; It's about 2 times taller than yours.&nbsp; Besides, I used Fred Da Bunny's exact design, that's why I gave him credit.&nbsp; I also gave Darth Tso credit because of his pin idea.&nbsp; I just gave credit to the exact designs I saw and built first.<br />
sorry, Darth Tso for grenade.&nbsp; Fred Da Bunny for pin.&nbsp; Had them backwards.<br />
I would laugh If that blew up in your face. DEAD. Lol.<br /> <br /> Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Are you following me?!<br />
Wait, are you serious or no?

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