Picture of How to make a minigun
In this instruct-able im going to show you how to construct a minigun, for those who don't know wha this is there is a image of what it is, its basically a massive heavy duty machine gun

This instructable u dont have to follow step by step, make any changes or improvements you want as this is just a guide
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Step 2:

For the body I used cd covers, the ones u get when u buy a pack of cds.

The tube below is a tube i found painted and glued under it, as its part of the design.

Step 3: Step 3

Next for the handle put something underneath it like another tube or something strong in line with the front of the base.

This is because itll help hold the weight of the minigun.

Then glue it to the back of the main body as high or as low as u want it

Step 5: Step 5

Now on top of the body u can basically put anything you want to make the gun seam more realistic. I put cut out cardboard in a design i thought looked good.

Now with every minigun there is always a handle so make sure u add a handle, for mine i got one from one of my old toys so be creative
Wow. I think with a little bit more time and effort you could make this a working prop. Very well done, with good clear pics. 4*
timeshifter1 (author)  Matrix-technician4 years ago
Thank you for your comment and I do have the stuff and experience to make a working model but I just never got around to adding that kind of thing to my model
"update" I took my own advice and using a nerf vulcan as the base, i'm building a minigun model. I'll try to get some pics up as soon as it's finished!
timeshifter1 (author)  Matrix-technician4 years ago
Im thinking of taking off the front to attach an electric motor to spin the front and hook the control up to the back, do u think i should go through with it
I think what would be really neat is if you tore out the guts of a nerf vulcan and put them in there. That would make a very cool looking working model.