3/4/11 - 3/13/11
Contest Age Group 13 - 18 (by the way I was the only one who made this : ) )

Welcome, this is my first instuctable. This robot squirts water out of the nozzle, you are able to "see with it", and you can drive it around. This is the first robot compitition I have entered. It is fun to have duals with these. You should have fun making this. It should only really take a few hours. The only reason why it took a few days was because I had school, I didn't work on it every day, I had to take pictures, and because I made some mistakes.

You will need to buy a few things: Spectrum DX-7 $300, CD-Rom Drive $30, super glue $5, duct tape $2, Wireless camera set from Geeks.com $30, Solder $5, Amphibian from propelrctoys.net $50, Sabertooth 12 RC Dual Motor Speed Controller $70, 2 CDs, and 3 Futaba S3305 High-Torque Servo Motors about $40 each but you can pick any kind of servo motor. Tools needed soldering iron, pliers, wire strippers. This design will improve the orginal amphibian and you will have a camera so you can see on your tv screen what the robot is doing. My instructable is devided into 6 different parts so that at the end you put every thing togerther so that it is more orginized.
I also made it on my site too link: http://newtonlabs.weebly.com/open-source-project-wwb-i.html

Step 1: Step 1

First Remove all of the electronics from that back of the CD-ROM Drive except the motor that controlls the motion for going in and out

You've documented all the steps, but what is it? You should create a new intro that tells us what it does. Also, your title is "intro" right now :)
Thanks for the help because this is the first instuctable ever! :)

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