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So this is how to draw 8-bit characters and stuff. I was bored and wanted to do something, well this would be it:
what you need is:

- Pencil
- Rubber
- Colored Utensils
- Printout if your image(mirrored)
- Square paper(like in math notebooks)
- Crocodile Heads???!?!? (nah I'm joking)

Step 1: Find the Image

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Firstly, find a proper image of the video game character, let it be someone from Mario, I chose the Yoshi Egg, make sure the image you find is big enough(resolution to be able to print it out smaller or larger.  get it printed out, preferably in color, but don't make my mistake,and using a program or MS Word, mirror the image, this is so it works the way I explain it later. The mirroring will help since once it is drawn on paper, the paper is flipped over and then colored.

Step 2: The Proccess

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Take the printout picture and put it under the square paper, you should be able to see through it in a way.  for me, it is good enough to see and make the square borders. then start making the square outline, I first did the outside and the inside of the egg(the black covering), and then i drew the blue egg dots, oh and you can decided yourself how to make the borders go, I chose to mainly fit the black outline in, while i may have done it differently, it depends on the cartoonish image of the object

Step 3: Flip & Color

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Now it is time to flip and color the image, this is why i told you to print the original image mirrored. while myself i realized that you have to do this, by actually making the mistake. if you can't see the pencil outline use a dark black pen on the other side to make the lines more obvious. and then flip it over to do the coloring
I use pencil, and it proved to be nice, then i wanted to darken the bottom, i had some powder graphite(sanded down pencil graphite) for my guitar, and i used it to make the bottom darked, this sort of effect the picture had..

Step 4: Enjoy

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enjoy the sort of art you made, and make more.


GenteDeMassinha (author)2016-10-21

Thank you <3

Alexander.k (author)2011-04-23

Now you can try to make it Vector Image
I use Vector Magic try it

mosted1 (author)Alexander.k2011-04-24

Ah, I've got some vector stuff at home, I made a Vector of the VH logo, sure its time to do something curvy this time.

Kiteman (author)2011-03-19

You need to change the title of the project to something like "How to Draw 8-Bit Images".

(See that "29" at the end of your URL? That means that you are the thirtieth person to mistakenly entitle their project "Intro" [the first person didn't get a number].)

D00M99 (author)Kiteman2011-03-21

Whoa that's pretty cool. Instructables should create an FAQ for stuff like that. :)

Kiteman (author)D00M992011-03-21

It's not exactly a vital piece of information...

D00M99 (author)Kiteman2011-03-21

Well, then you could create an "Interesting Instructables Information", for curious people like me. :)

Instructables should do an FAQ though, cause there are a few issues that I know a lot of people are mystified about...

mosted1 (author)Kiteman2011-03-19

yeah i realized that... thanks...

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