Hey all this is my first instructable, so please be kind to me and please comment on how I can make this instructable better

In this instructable i will tell you how to set up and use your Android phone as a webcam.

for this instructable you will need:

Android smartphone(i have the vodafone 845 but as long as you are running android 2.0 up to 2.2 this will work for you)
internet connection
internet connection on your phone
acces to the android market

Step 1: Step 1

Right lets get started:

On your Android smartphone go to the android market and search for "droidcam"(use wifi if possible)

Wile you wait for droidcam to download and install on you mobile go to your browser on your pc (firefox, internet explorer, etc) and type in www.dev47apps.com and download the droidcam for your pc (works with windows and linux only)

You said it worked with Android 2.0 to 2.2? Is there another app that works with 4.4.2?
<p>does this mean i can use my android device as a usb webcam in applications such as matlab and visual studio? </p>
<p> * While * .. but thanks anyway ... very useful thread </p>

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