This is my home theater system.  It's been a work in progress for a loooong time. Some of the equipment is some of the original audio and some more recent  like the TV.

Although small it does come with warnings which will be posted as I go.

As you can see in the picture "Holiday decorations" weren't quit down yet.

What you see in picture is not all there is to it. A bit behind the scenes or should I say behind the TV really makes the system..

Step 1: Video

First is the TV. Its a name brand (Sony) 40 inch LCD. 

Why 40 inch you say? Well 40 inches is all I need for a room this size. I know some people have a 50, 60 or bigger by why I ask. I see people with screens that big and sitting 6 or 7 feet from it and I just scratch my head thinking what's wrong with these people??

Bigger is not always better folks.

Step 2: Audio

Next is the two pieces of my original sound system from way back in the late 70's the speakers. opps I just dated myself. :)

They are from Technics system long time gone,

8" drivers (I call em woofers. you call em what you want.) and a what I believe is a 3" tweeter (I could be wrong about that)
I'll get to the other noise maker later. The speaker above the TV is a center channel  unit. functional but not in use.

Step 3: Basic Components

Now for the meat and potatoes of the system. (not to leave out the vegans "the salad")

Top shelf Cable box. It's an HD receiver. ( Not much use in having an HD TV and not be able to get HD channels is there?)

Second shelf is a BLUE RAY / DVD player. (nothing special about it. Mostly use it when the Grand-kids come over)
BTW I still have my original DVD and VCR players.

NOW! Third shelf (or bottom shelf.) The power of the whole system. The AMP! It's a Pioneer Dolby Digital Pro Logic, surround sound Stereo. This beast come out of the 80's just when surround sound was making a come back. (surround sound was around in the late 60's and 70's but lacked any oomf so it faded away for a few years to my recollection)
This baby don't have to power these new systems have today but who needs to hear my tunes way down the street? I know I don't like having other peoples tastes in music inflicted on me)
It can switch between Video inputs as well. Carries 2 VCR inputs, (get this) A lazer disc input, two tape deck inputs, a phono input (record player),CD input , as well as FM and AM radio tuner. There is outputs as well.
So here's how I connected this all up. In the back is a computer, it hooks into one of the VCR inputs the Blur Ray player hooks into the lazier disc connection. and the cable box in to the other VCR connection.
I still have room for expansion.
It also has a remote control with it (Handy).

Step 4: Online Connection

Now for the hidden stuff. Behind all this is a computer and a sub woofer as well as a mess of wires.

The computer is an old AMD Athlon 2 point something ghtz 1.5 gig memory.  Why not any bigger you ask? Well don't intend on doing any recording on it so I don't really need to render anything, works great for watching video steaming movies or TV shows DVDs or something I downloaded off of the interweb. I can surf the web with it or play my music on it. it can handle anything I want to throw at it. If I miss a show I can just go to the TV network's site and watch it on line.

Step 5: Rumbler

Now for the real theater experience as my one grandson calls it.

The massive Sub Woofer. Picked it up at a rummage sale for a buck. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. So without any hesitation  I scooped it up.

This puppy can rattle windows, shake the dishes off of the table and probably make the neighbors think an earth quake is about to happen. It has an amplified 15" woofer.

BTW the computer was picked up at a rummage sale as well.

This my friends is where the warning comes into play.

Warning! Very Loud Low Frequencies For Prolonged Periods  Destroys Your Hearing!

Due to loud noise areas at work and not wearing my hearing protection, probably a bit of extra loud music, my hearing has been affected. Try living with constant ringing in the ears for the rest of your life. Believe me it's not pleasant.

Step 6: Human Input Device

Almost forgot something a wireless keyboard and mouse. Picked it up for $20 somewhere.

Step 7: How It All Comes Together

One more thing. How it's all hooked up to the TV.
I am using all HDMI inputs to the TV. I have 4 of them but only using 3. The Tv also has a VGA and a component inputs as well USB not in use.

All the audio can be run through the stereo as well as the TV.

The computer uses the DVI output to the TV. I get no audio from the computer to the TV so the stereo has to be used for it.

Step 8: Summery

The cat in the pictures thinks the system belongs to her. She will sit and watch the DVD tray go in and out for as long you can keep pushing the remote button. I sometimes think she's Mentally Challenged. Crazy cat.

That pretty well sums it up for this one. The system is always going to be a work in progress.  May not be a super great system but who cares. I'm happy with it for now.

I will probably be updating this so stay tuned.

Complements and comments are welcome.

Step 9: Update

It's been a while since I have done this
one and it has been upgraded a bit. I no longer have that cabinet and the computer has been swapped out for a newer one.

An X Box was added as well but has since been moved to an other location.

Trying to hold an adult conversation while the kids are playing Mindcraft, Skylanders and such was found to be little difficult. So it's now in it's new resting place in the computer room.

Aas you probably notice the X Box googley eye camera thingy is still there. Well it's not being used and the room the XBox is in is to small to handle it. It wasn't used that much anyways.

<p>It's been a while since I have done this <br>one and it has been upgraded a bit. I no longer have that cabinet and <br>the computer has been swapped out for a newer one.</p><p>An X Box was added as well but has since been moved to an other location. Trying to hold an adult conversation while the kids are playing Mindcraft, Skylanders and such was found to be little difficult. So it's now in it's new resting place in the computer room. </p><p>The components were hooked up through the Aux and Tape deck inputs. The TV was also hooked up this way because the sound from it is really bad.</p><p>The sub woofer <br>was connected to both channel outputs from the speakers. I had to google<br> the manuals from the manufacture to find out how to hook it up. </p><p>Google is great that way.</p><p>The newer computer had HDMI output so I directly hooked it to the TV again using the sound output from the TV to listen.</p><p>Hope that helps. Left you a few pics to refer to.</p><p>Thanks for the interest.</p>
From the picture and description of your receiver, I believe I have the same one. And I was hoping to get some details of how your connected your components. In particular, the subwoofer. <br>Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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