Retro-Fitting Power Seats into a Crown Victoria P71

Picture of Retro-Fitting Power Seats into a Crown Victoria P71
For this project, I'm going to be replacing changing out the seats in a Ford Crown Victoria.  The plan is to replace the police bucket seats with a split bench power seat from a similar car.  Not only are the replacement seats more comfortable, but this will add a third seat to the front, allowing the car to seat six people.

What Did You Make:  I purchased used seats from a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis and retrofitted them into another car.  After removing them from the junkyard car, I soldered all the wiring together so I would be able to control the power seats and then put them into my 2000 Ford Crown Victoria.

How Did You Make It: The idea came along because there are six in my family.  While shopping for used cars, I found a Lincoln Town Car that had six seats, but when I decided to buy the police package Crown Victoria, it only had five.  When we had some minor trouble with the family vehicle, I decided to add a sixth seat to my car so we can use it as a spare.  My dad took me to the junkyard to get the seats, and my brother cleaned the new seats before I installed them.

Where Did You Make It: I worked on this primarily at home.  I went to the junkyard to get the seats, but actually did all the wiring and installed them at home on a Saturday afternoon.

What Did You Learn: The first thing that comes to mind when I'm asked this question is this:  Bring all the tools you need and then some.  I brought all the tools required to remove the manual seats from my car, but learned pretty quickly that the power seats have an extra rail in the back, meaning my socket wouldn't fit over it.  I also failed to bring a 12v battery, meaning I couldn't move the power seats forward to access the rear bolts.  That made my project considerably more difficult and more expensive - it took over 3 hours to remove the power seats and I had to spend quite a bit on a different wrench to remove the seat.  Everything worked out in the end, but my cost was almost double what I planned and it took three times as long.  All simply because failed to bring the proper tools with me.
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