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I bought an old Chexx machine, that had the original nets that were broken and poorly repaired.  I knew it could be done better and more realistic.  This wasn't meant to be an instructable so some steps don't have proper photos.  I'll try to explain clearly.  This mod is better than stock for bounce outs,  Back net play is unaffected, side net play is unaffected, ands it looks way better (in my estimation).  In many many games, I've had 1 puck land on top of the goal.  I keep my bubble unbolted so it's not an issue for my application. 
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Step 1: Out with the old

Picture of Out with the old
In order to remove the goals from your Chexx machine you need to remove the safety bolts around the perimeter of the dome.  Push the skaters toward the center red line and remove the goalie.  This will allow you to lift the end of the ice and flex it just enough to remove the old goal assembly.  This photo is an original goal but the chute has been removed.  Do not remove your chute until your goals are ready and fit properly.  Otherwise, you wont have new goals or old goals either.  No hockey for you!.

Step 2:

Picture of
I used the old goal to match dims with the new copper pipes.  For the new goal I used some scrap copper wire stripped and cleaned.  I believe it's 6 or 7 gage. Approximately 4 mm in dia. I made a simple pipe bender with two nails hammered into a board in close proximity this worked better than bending in a vice.  from here the most important features are the length of the crossbar, and the 90 deg bends at either end. It's important that the new goal fits well in the existing opening in the ice surface.   The posts and the horizontal side nets can be trimmed to length later. (provided you make them with a little extra length)

Step 3: Soldering order

Picture of soldering order
Make sure that your 90's are square.  the post ends should touch the Ice surface.  The goal bottom should terminate into the posts.  The top shelf ends should terminate into the posts
aclement68 months ago

This is amazing. Curiously, since I don't have the materials, or ability to make a pair of these - how much would you charge for a set?

blogsdo (author)  aclement68 months ago

I was playing around with making a few sets, but I haven't found the time. If I make some I'll definitely post it.

aclement6 blogsdo8 months ago

Thanks. I am in the process of redoing my game now...about to repaint the guys and redecal the boards and base. Those nets honestly change everything. If you did decide to make some - how much would you charge for a set?

Im down for a set too!

LastBaron1 year ago
This is awesome. Great patience and pride!
With hockey season fast approaching, this is a timely (and fantastic) repair. Thanks for sharing!
blogsdo (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago
Thanks, this project has a pretty limited audience, but it was fun and the result turned out better than I could have imagined.
Regarding a limited audience, we Canadians feel otherwise.