This project grew out of a master plan to create a creepy Voodoo-inspired altar display for our yearly Halloween party. There are lots of these types of DIY candles all over the internet made from both t.p. rolls and PVC, but I wasn't finding exactly the look I was going for. Most importantly, the tops of the candles didn't look great, plus I wanted them to have a more aged look.

These candles require 2 layers of glue gun drips, a bit of easy clay sculpting for the tops and some spray painting finesse to create a "sooty", grimy bottom. Here is my take on creepy drip candle props for Halloween. Enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies!

The only thing I'll warn on this is that depending on the size & amount of drip/thickness you want, you'll be going through a LOT of glue sticks! Roughly 1.5 sticks per candle, give or take depending on the size. Buying them in bulk is recommended.

  • Silpat or other type of high-heat-resistant, non-stick silicone surface
  • Glue gun (40W)
  • Scissors
  • Matte or satin spray paint in the candle color of your choice
  • Matte spray paint in black
  • Paper towel and t.p. rolls
  • Battery-powered LED tealights (the ones with the flames sticking up)
  • Plastilina or similar soft, non-hardening modeling clay
<p>Spooky!!<br>You ought to enter this in the Glue Contest....!</p>
<p>ooo thanks, I'll do that :)</p>

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