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Here are answers to the beginner’s questions. I am going to explain some basic components. The resister, capacitor, and a battery are very basic. If you want to go further there are transistors, and digital logic.I will get to them in a later instructable. This is where you get your feet wet. I don't expect you find these explanations thrilling but you may find them interesting enough to keep those windows open.

I have put the history of each part and I gave you some information on how they work. Most importantly I tell you how to use them in this project. This is where you need to be if you are going to make the most of your hobby. I do a lot of reading even though it may be boring. I even study math and principles of electronics on the atomic level. 

I put this on here so that you may succeed in not only an interesting and thrilling hobby but a very useful one. Have you ever wanted to fix something. Well you need to know how to handle that soldering iron. Look I know it looks like a sowing needle but it has no eye so you don't have to worry about it watching you. So this should be less nerve wrecking than putting thread threw a needle. I wish you good luck 



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