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I like to repurpose stuff I have lying around. I picked up a 200 Watt AMP for only $20. I also had a bunch of boxes from moving and some Rockford Fosgates I wasn't using and several pc power supply units (PSU hereafter).

I saw another instructable (can't find it right now to link) where someone put together a nice wooden box with some tiny speakers, a PSU and a car radio. I wanted to actually copy that for myself but had trouble getting hold of a head unit to use that was either good enough or cheap enough.

So here it is!! The Jack Daniels Audio Box.

USES KNIVES!! Don't die! Don't bleed.

Be sure to make sure your components all fit the box ahead of time.

This Instructable needs a better name!

Step 1: Installing the Speakers

After I found a .pdf online of the speakers' datasheet I used photoshop to create a printout that was the same size as the speaker. I got lucky in that my datasheet had a picture in it already with the measurements listed.
Once printed I had to decide how to position the speakers.

[This is where I made my first mistake. I chose a place based on the speaker's size but had yet to think about the covers I'd forgotten were out in my trunk. They overhang a bit but its not a big deal. Still, I wish I'd not gone with the straight up & down but an angle setup.]
In the end I chose to install them straight up and down (my speakers are ovals or 6x9) to maintain more box integrity.

Now that I've chosen my positioning I tape down the guide then take my knife perforate along the chosen line. [Be sure to check the lines carefully so you are cutting inside the screw but outside the cone.]
Be sure to stick to the one line all the way around and keep perforating. I found it helped to put a hand in the box to push back. A sharp knife helps, too.
Once you've perforated both sides go ahead and pull off the guides if you need to, but keep them in good shape for marking screw holes later. Start cutting out the holes, preferably with a narrow blade to make the tighter turns with minimal damage.

NOTE: If you care to make the enclosure sealed then your going to want to tape/caulk/hot glue everything right now, plus you'll have to chamber off the AMP & PSU in the end. This box was too small for me to care that much.

Now decide on your attachment method. I chose zipties since I've got a sack of them lying around. If you lack covers that have screwholes you'll have to reinforce the box around your holes.
Attach your speakers. Start on the bottom ones. Don't forget the covers.

NOTE: When in need of more grip on the box or when making sure duct tape is sticking do NOT crush the box. Every place you pinch it flat is a weak spot. It's not like this is built for durability.

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