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Hi again and apologies for the delay in getting this online. This instructable is kind of a "Part 2" of how to make your own Optikenetics cassettes. Part 1 found here.  This part, I will cover how to customize an Optikinetics 6" wheel rotator into a cassette rotator. I will also note that this is still in the planning phase and I have not actually tested this yet however you will see it is not rocket science!  You are welcome to suggest any improvements! I will eventually update this instructable to reflect the final product.

I decided to design and build my own version of the Optikinetics Cassette and Cassette rotator for a few reasons:
  1. Because I love the visual affects of the optkinetics cassettes and was fascinated with how they work
  2. You cannot buy the original Opti accessories in Australia (if you can PLEASE tell me where!! In addition to this comment, I have found some gear owned by a couple of sound and lighting companies but they would not part with it)
  3. Its expensive and you have to order from the UK.
  4. There is a fair amount of interest in the DJ/VJ community on creating your own customized projections
  5. Finally, because it was fun! This was a great project with unlimited boundaries. I spent hours on Gimp coming up with crazy kaleidascope and optical illusion patterns and trying to incorporate my DJ/Business name into them etc. etc.

Please feel free to contact me for finer details on this project! I am always happy to share info : )

What you Need...
  • A 6" Wheel rotator with the slowest speed you can get ( 1/2 to 1 RPM is best)
  • 2 x thin bolts about 1 inch long with 3 nuts for each bolt (doesnt matter if they're longer)
  • A drill and drill piece to suit your bolt size
  • A hole saw drill piece or some way to make a wheel/cog which will turn the cassette (theres 100s of ways you can make this part but I am using wood)
  • Super Glue
  • Some imagination and creativity : D
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