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An Arduino is an open-source microcontroller development board. In plain English, you can use the Arduino to read sensors and control things like motors and lights. This allows you to upload programs to this board which can then interact with things in the real world. With this, you can make devices which respond and react to the world at large.

For instance, you can read a humidity sensor connected to a potted plant and turn on an automatic watering system if it gets too dry. Or, you can make a stand-alone chat server which is plugged into your internet router. Or, you can have it tweet every time your cat passes through a pet door. Or, you can have it start a pot of coffee when your alarm goes off in the morning.

Basically, if there is something that is in any way controlled by electricity, the Arduino can interface with it in some manner. And even if it is not controlled by electricity, you can probably still use things which are (like motors and electromagnets), to interface with it.

The possibilities of the Arduino are almost limitless. As such, there is no way that one single tutorial can cover everything you might ever need to know. That said, I've done my best to give a basic overview of the fundamental skills and knowledge that you need to get your Arduino up and running. If nothing more, this should function as a springboard into further experimentation and learning.
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/port is not recognized by my laptop??

can i know what will be the reason??

alys51 month ago

how much small dc motors can I control with the arduino uno r3 I want the numper of motors that I can control with pwm and without pwm with on and off and direction

sve333 months ago
THANK YOU! Really interesting and usefull.
dalendaa3 months ago

slt je suis terminale et mon projet un suiveur photovoltaique bi axiele mon probleme et le programme arduino pour 1 moteur pas à pas unipolaire tourne 9 h ( 7h à 16h) et puis retoure à l'etat initiale est attendre 14 h (16h à 7h ) et merciiiiii bcp

blackcamo4 months ago

Just to let you know people, Arduino is cheap!

Lolman40004 months ago

LOL: Step 12: You can think of this kind of like understanding grammar and punctuation. You can write an entire book without proper grammar and punctuation, but no one will be abler* to understand it, even if it is in English.

Great tutorial! Learned a lot.

JRV315 months ago

I am considering building a collection of instructables on beginning Arduino.

Do I have your permission to include this instructable?

jpx20085 months ago
Hi, I'm running Windows and I can't select the port for arduino uno. What could be wrong?
nkrishna36 months ago
is arduino uno better than arduino mega
can I use arduino mega like arduino uno
yhdesai nkrishna36 months ago


And more space than Uno ( 8x more space )

yhdesai6 months ago


dc-labs6 months ago

Thanks! This is a great place to get started in the amazing world of Arduino. Bookmarked.

Good. Guys you may visit this site to get more tutorials for free. http://electro.nitishdash.com
StevenW77 months ago

great! like it

markfarrans8 months ago
sir. this arduino uno can transmit or send information to another computer?
So awesome
so helpful:-)
garvxx710 months ago
sir can me make a arduino at home????

yes its possible...it will cost you around $8,here is the link


nutzzniti10 months ago
simply awesome
rustygray2 years ago
I bought a new Uno board, and it plugs in and lights up, but the serial port command is greyed out.

I did select the Uno as my board. I reset it, I unplugged and replugged.

I still cannot get the serial port to allow me to make a choice.


The same thing happened to me, I had to reinstall the drivers. This helped


randofo (author)  rustygray2 years ago
...exchange it for a new one?
i obtained a 2nd one and same issue. I have windows 7, and downloaded the latest software. i will check for an update.
you might need to manually update the drivers, thats what i had to do with my mega 2560
Moose Dr1 year ago

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

kooljo1 year ago

my arduino does not seem to be connecting to the program i selected arduino uno and the program wont let me select a serial port NEED HELP PLEASE!!!

agis681 year ago

fantastic tutorial, Please keep inform us

skar07921 year ago

I must say awesome article. The tutorial is fantastic very clear and understandable. The way you write is awesome. I understand almost everything what you taught in this tutorial. I must say thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

skar07921 year ago

It must say awesome article. The tutorial is fantastic very clear and understandable. The way you write is awesome. I understand almost everything what you taught in this tutorial. I must say thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

Very informative thank you :)

vantuegia1 year ago

Excellent, help me a lot, thank you!

tin7011 year ago
Very good
profpat1 year ago
very good instructable!
Raphango1 year ago
Wonderfull tutorial! It has enlightened me up pretty much. I'm pretty much familiar to arduino now, and pretty much confident about not blowing up my projects. Thank you very much!
Toon_ca72 years ago
Im looking forward to work some animatronics projects using arduino lillypads.
Was guessing if there's a way you can bring me some starying data about Arduino, just like this you're publishing here, in a pdf format, so I can study it offline.
earslan12 years ago
Thank you, this is very good :)
Liked Arduino and I would like to study them.
I have a project that needs to contrlol relays to switch on/of 12volts.
Can Arduino capable of doing multi-switching (9 or 12 volts) around 6 to 10 switches?
I don't often open my account, would it be better to give me a reply on my mail?
at ronald_av@yahoo.com....Thank you very much.
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