Step 5: Settings

Before you can start doing anything in the Arduino programmer, you must set the board-type and serial port.

To set the board, go to the following:

Tools --> Boards

Select the version of board that you are using. Since I have an Arduino Uno  plugged in, I obviously selected "Arduino Uno."

To set the serial port, go to the following:

Tools --> Serial Port

Select the serial port that looks like:

/dev/tty.usbmodem [random numbers]
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<p>Thanks, very useful and informative. </p><p>I have however one reservation about many Arduino projects. Isn't it wasteful of resources to use an Arduino for instance just for watering a plant? </p>
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<p>Thanks for this Instructable. </p>
<p>Thanks for this Instructable. </p>
<p>Thanks for this Instructable. </p>
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<p>how can i code arduino uno for my project automatic alarm system connected to lcd 16x2 and rtc ds1302 controlled by arduino uno bluetooth?</p>
<p>I am new to arduino say me step to glow led and run motor </p><p>i have arduino uno R3 and arduino Mega 2560</p><p>also say simple project using LED, LDR, </p>
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<p>This is the best guide for beginners that I have come across. It will be a big help when I start creating my project. A former coworker bought me an Arduino UNO about 5 years ago and it was just sitting here collecting dust, I finally came up with a project to utilize it. I will be creating a ham radio repeater controller, which shouldn't be too hard to do for the basic controller but could get complex as I add more features to it.<br></p><p>I'll be doing this project in two stages.</p><p><br>First Stage Goals:</p><p>■ When the receiver squelch is triggered the arduino needs to trigger the transmitter to start transmitting (COR will go high or low, I need to check the radios to see if it goes high or low, when the radio receives a signal)<br>■ Route receive audio to transmitter <br>■ Every 10 minutes inject morse code audio into the transmit audio to satisfy FCC requirements<br><br>Second Stage Goals:<br>■ Add a couple second hang timer onto the end of each transmission (This will keep the transmitter keyed up for a couple seconds after the squelch signal is pulled low or high after it stops receiving a signal)<br>■ Add a courtesy tone at the end of each transmission<br>■ Add a time out timer (I might be able to do this on the radio but I prefer to try and do it on the Arduino)<br>■ Add DTMF decode functions to shut down the repeater (not sure if this will be doable)<br><br>For radios I will be using my set of Yaesu FT-7800r dual band radios, these radios have a 6 pin mini din connector on the back that will give me access to all the lines I will need.</p>
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<p>/port is not recognized by my laptop??</p><p>can i know what will be the reason??</p>
It might be because you don't have the right drivers for your laptop:)
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<p>how much small dc motors can I control with the arduino uno r3 I want the numper of motors that I can control with pwm and without pwm with on and off and direction</p>
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<p>I am considering building a collection of instructables on beginning Arduino.</p><p>Do I have your permission to include this instructable?</p>
Hi, I'm running Windows and I can't select the port for arduino uno. What could be wrong?
is arduino uno better than arduino mega
can I use arduino mega like arduino uno
<p>And more space than Uno ( 8x more space ) </p>
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sir. this arduino uno can transmit or send information to another computer?
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sir can me make a arduino at home????
<p>yes its possible...it will cost you around $8,here is the link </p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-an-Arduino-from-scratch/?ALLSTEPS</p>
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I bought a new Uno board, and it plugs in and lights up, but the serial port command is greyed out. <br> <br>I did select the Uno as my board. I reset it, I unplugged and replugged. <br> <br>I still cannot get the serial port to allow me to make a choice. <br> <br>Suggestions?
<p>The same thing happened to me, I had to reinstall the drivers. This helped</p><p>http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=104698.0</p>
...exchange it for a new one?
i obtained a 2nd one and same issue. I have windows 7, and downloaded the latest software. i will check for an update.
you might need to manually update the drivers, thats what i had to do with my mega 2560
<p>Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.</p>
<p>my arduino does not seem to be connecting to the program i selected arduino uno and the program wont let me select a serial port NEED HELP PLEASE!!!</p>
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