Picture of Intro to Unity
This instructable is aimed at super beginners!

You will need to install Unity 4.x (Free or Pro).

Start up Unity and create a New Project. Don't worry about importing things yet!
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Step 1: This is UNITY!

Picture of This is UNITY!
Learn about the different Unity Windows are here:

Let's set our layout to the Default layout.
Go to the Menu Bar and click on Window > Layouts > Default

  1. Menu Bar
  2. Object Manipulation Tools (Gizmo): Use this to pan the view and move, rotate, and resize objects.
  3. Pivot Setting: This changes the location of the Gizmo to either be at the object's pivot point or the object's center.
  4. Coordinate Settings: Use this to change whether to move an object in the global coordinate system or its local coordinate system (based on the object's rotation).
  5. In-Editor Game Manipulation Tools: Use these to start/stop, pause, and step the game.
  6. Layers: Change what layers are visible in your scene in case you want to work only on one set of objects.
  7. Layout Menu: Change your current window layout.
  8. Hierarchy Window: Game objects in here are part of the current scene. Manipulate them here.
  9. Scene / Game / Animator viewer:  This is where you view your game. Navigate this by using right click with WASD or the mouse to pan/zoom/tilt.
  10. Gizmo: This is a Gizmo. Use this to move, rotate, and resize objects based on the selected tool.
  11. Inspector Window: This is where you change settings for a selected object.
  12. Project Window: This is where all the assets for the project are stored.
  13. Console Window: Errors, warnings, and print messages will all appear here. Use this to debug.
  14. Message Bar: Whenever you have an error, warning, or message, it will show up down here. Go to the console to fix all your bugs.

Step 2: Importing Packages

Picture of Importing Packages
We're going to start by importing some of Unity's Standard Assets.

In the Menu Bar, look under the Assets tab to Import some packages.

Assets > Import Package > Terrain Assets
Assets > Import Package > Character Controller
You, khevna. You deserve an award. Thanks for this i have been looking for a nice all in one tutorial for the unity engine for sometime now. Thank you the last place i thought for looking was here, thank you again.
AndrewP111 month ago

The bullets work, except they start sideways when I fire.

What do I do?

dkeiner13 months ago

I see the Terrain Assets under the Assets but not under the Create Hierarchy. How do I get it to show up under Create?

Craigl24 months ago

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ArthurH34 months ago

Oh ! This is good, Thanks !!

You helped me !

Vishvesh5 months ago

i am not able to download the assets gun and the zombie

so can i make a 3d model of them in wings 3d and import them to unity?

AnvithS5 months ago


Abnormaldope10 months ago

How do I add the script to java script

Khevna (author)  Abnormaldope9 months ago

Down in the Project tab, navigate to the folder you want to create your script in (Asset > Script). Right click on the area next to the folder list and go to Create > Javascript. Drag the script on to the object in the scene you want it to run on in the Hierarchy tab. Good luck!

MattiU Khevna7 months ago


Assets/menu.js(25,1): BCE0044: expecting EOF, found '}

what i do now

MattiU7 months ago

icant find Zombie@walking_3 please help!!

iam user128 months ago

UnassignedReferenceException: The variable Bullet of Gun has not been assigned.
You probably need to assign the Bullet variable of the Gun script in the inspector.

what do ido now

Thanks for the instructable, ive been using it to teach kids unity and the kids are realy enjoying it and have found you ible easy to follow.

Khevna (author)  liquidhandwash9 months ago

That's awesome! I'm so glad to hear that.

satu0king1 year ago

GameObject > Create Other > Terrain

I am not able to find terrain under create other . Please help! i have imported the terrain asset

jackd3331 year ago
This is an awesome tutorial!
Some questions/additions:
-How to add a ADS (aim down the sight) on a gun
-Can you create models (like custom guns) in this app, or do you have to import them?
Khevna (author)  jackd3331 year ago
1) You can add that by placing a camera on the gun / in front of the gun by some distance and switching to it when the player is aiming down the light (perhaps by using 'right click'?) (enable/disable the camera components).
* Remember that if you place the camera on the gun object, it will automagically rotate with the object and such, so you could place the camera 10meters in front facing forward and it should work!

2) You can create things out of whatever primitives Unity offers (box, sphere, capsule etc.) and texture them as you see fit. Just make sure to make the set of objects into a prefab so you can place the as a group easily.
rimar20001 year ago
Maybe would be useful that you begin explaining WHAT IS UNITY.
Khevna (author)  rimar20001 year ago
I think that's something people can figure out by going to the Unity website if they're interested.
You're right, Khevna, but that is not my case.