Step 12: Texting Textile

Gather Materials

[1] Edison or any other web-enabled microcontroller

[1] Adafruit monochrome 128 x 32 OLED display I2C

[1] Adafruit MPR121 12-key capacitive touch breakout

[1] Adafruit flex proto-board

[1] 9 volt battery

[1] 9 volt battery snap

[12] crimp pin pairs

[1] 3mm green LED

[1] 3mm red LED

[1] Mini slide switch for on/off

[1] 50 ml jar of Bare Conductive paint

[1] sponge

[1/2 yard] broad cloth

[2] 3mm eyelets with eyelet setter

[6] inches of sew-on velcro.

[1] Bobbin of conductive thread

[12] Sew-on snaps size 1/0 (3/8")

[1/4] Yard fusible interfacing

[1/2"] Thick foam : at least 4.5" x 6"

[several] Felt squares in fun colors : Main color + two accent colors

Matching thread

Masking Tape : the wider the better


Sewing Machine

Silhouette CNC cutter

Adhesive Vinyl



<p>gosh this is so cute, could literally make the ilomilo kafka's</p>
<p>Wow, I can't believe I read the whole thing! Def involved, but the TV is such a cool idea, and I like how you got the LEDs' legs curled to fit into a matrix square!</p>
<p>ಠ_ಠ</p><p><strong style="background-color: initial;">(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻</strong></p><p><strong style="background-color: initial;"><br></strong></p><p><strong style="background-color: initial;">:D</strong></p><p><strong style="background-color: initial;"><br></strong></p>
Table flip! One of my favorites :)
<p>Textile texting is a great idea. I want to communicate only in emoticons</p>

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