Intro to Ferrets





Introduction: Intro to Ferrets

Ferrets make awesome pets. My instructable is on how to care for, train, and properly handle ferrets.

i hope you enjoy ( :

Step 1: Holding Ferrets

Handling ferrets is an important part about ferret care . The proper handling technique is to make a cradle with your arms. Most ferrets enjoy being pet while in you arms as shown bellow.

Step 2: Bathing Ferrets

Most people wonder if you should bath your pet ferret. The answer is yes. you should bath your ferret once every month. every month may sound gross... but they clean themselves a lot, like cats. (seen bellow) you only give them baths on there body never apply water or soap to the face. just to be safe.

Step 3: Ferrets Need Freedom Too!

it is cruel to keep a ferret locked up in its cage all day you should give them some time out of cage . It is optional to let the explore the house on there own... as seen below.

Step 4: Does Your Ferret Bite?

If your ferret bites it could be because...
they are hungry
they are not used to you yet
they need a chew toy because they are teething
or mabie because there scared

never beat your ferret only positive reinforcement!!!!!!

(bellow is my ferret upset about biting my friend)

Step 5: Play Time

play with your ferret daily and have a good life with them.

(my model ferret... the one in the pictures died on july 1st 2008)

P.S. I sewed the coat... i was little when this pic. was taken so its not well made.

P.S.S. The red thing in the background is a shirt i bought... it says Chick magnet in sparkles.( oh ya... my ferret is a guy or it wouldn't say chick magnet.)



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    u really need to show more things........I could have said least ten different things.....not trying to be just saying it so u can fix ur more people will use ur advice.......and yes they do bite when they feel frisky

    Do they bite? Do you ever keep them in your trousers? (super-cute) L

    11 replies

    yes they bite sometimes but ferrets have very strong skin, so if they where to do the same bite on another ferret it would not hurt them.

    I meant your fingers...

    You have to nip train ferrets just like you do puppies. Its easy to do. I have two ferrets and they have never bit anyone. They will lick your skin off though they have rough tongues like cats.

    i know you meant fingers

    some ferrets will bite but you can train them not to i have ferret my whole life

    Do you house train ferrets? stv

    Ferrets instinctively poop in corners. They like to pick a spot in any particular room (or one spot in every room) and that's usually where you would place the litter box. It makes it easier if you cut one wall off the litter box (usually one of the longer sides) and leave a 1/2 inch lip so the ferret can just back up into it.

    My ferret ecaped one weeked when i was out of town there was poop EVERYWHERE!!

    you can my are litter box trained it is easy, and yes you can train ferrets, it just takes time and paysince,

    . ferrets NEED toys or they will lose their little minds. $4 drain tubes are great for ferrets instead of buying the expensive plastic tubes from pet stores. another great toy are easter eggs with nothing in them. if you add bells or long grain rice into the eggs, they need to be super glued shut. Ferrets also love to dig. they will go nuts over a box of shredded paper. also ferrets are carnivores so they should not be fed any kibble that contains fruit or vegetables.I own 2 wonderful ferrets,

    A ferret has oils on its skin. If bathed to often the ferret will produce more oils, making them have a stronger "ferret scent". I only bathe mine once a year, or if they get into something gross and their coat hardly smells. When I first got my ferrets I bathed them frequently. It dried out their coat and made their scent stronger

    I wanted a ferret at first, but then my parents agreed to just get a hamster. She's the best hamster ever though!

    Love the coat!!

    I have one little girl who runs up trousers, nips the leg and then races for cover - peaking out and if ignored will then come back for more flesh! All she asks is that I play with her! She wouldn't bite my fingers, but doesn't hesitate to nip other parts, but she gets time out in the carrier for a few minutes. Unfortunately this is a rather more intelligent ferret than my others and she outsmarts me regularly! They use their teeth intensively when playing with each other so unfortunately it's a bit of a boss thing sometimes! When they think I can be dragged across the living room too I know it's time for a little rest!

    In what seems like a lifetime with ferrets I have only bathed (currently 4) them when they've got mixed up in something smelly - and even then, if it's not soaked through their coat I just wipe with a moist cloth. They sleep outside but waking is spent indoors. They sleep in down bags (it's below zero here at the moment), they are fed a mix of a highly rated proprietary kibble, daily meat like chicken or turkey, and 4-5 times a week get a high protein fat/meat soup. They are all neutered and they never smell enough to make my husband revolt, no more than a wet dog, and he is very smell sensitive! Bathing interferes with their natural oil production and their coats can become less 'waterproof' I also find that regularly giving them a quick once over with a moist facecloth which has an oil like tea tree or lavender in the water seems to keep them flea free. Allthough I do have Frontline if needed.

    i never knew ferrets can catch a cold from there owner