Intro to To Using the Google Api.





Introduction: Intro to To Using the Google Api.

Google allegedly no longer supports this api with the latest version of python. I made an error report, but never heard back.

Preface: There is a computer programming language that is oriented towards new developers. That language is called Python. It is available for most every platform. (i.e. MSWindows, OS/X, BSD, Linux and etc.)  Though there are no fancy graphics in what was done in this project, you could surely add that feature. Just wanted to show a bare bones project that anyone could use to start with.

One of the reasons I like to do page scraping is to get the data I need without having to take time to use a web browser such as Firefox and or a newsreader to get the specific data I need. Letting the computer get the data for me and making a summary file of the data I need is therefore letting the computer be my secretary and or research assistant.

Have been doing some page scraping, but i was not able to get the weather from their (Google) site. Then read they have it sort of hidden. Was able to get a page of the xml they use to show the data. Could not find an easy way to page scrape it. Aha. then found a short piece of code of how to use the Google api! We then modified that code for our needs.

The xml (abridged) version (using :

See picture.

So then it was a matter of just plugging in variables. Almost cut and paste. Anything in single quotes was extracted from the xml sort of.  I also make it so that you did not have to redo the code of a different location. This also could be done in a gui environment, but for simplicities sake that part was not included.
import sys
import  pywapi
import string

google_result = pywapi.get_weather_from_google(sys.argv[1])

print "\nThe weather report for " + sys.argv[1] + "  on " + google_result['forecast_information']['current_date_time'] + " in: " +  google_result['forecast_information']['city'] + " \n"

print "Sky condition: " + string.lower(google_result['current_conditions']['condition'])
print "Temperature: " + google_result['current_conditions']['temp_f'] + "F"

print google_result['current_conditions']['humidity']

print google_result['current_conditions']['wind_condition']

usage: python zipcode or python "city state"

$ python 10001

The weather report for 10001  on 2011-11-18 21:51:00 +0000 in: New York, NY

Sky condition: clear
Temperature: 44F
Humidity: 37%
Wind: N at 0 mph

$ _

Note: I had to install the pywapi
$ sudo apt-get install pywapi

This was a lot easier than page scraping. This is one of only a zillion examples you can use from Google code. Anyway enjoy.

Pywapi is not in the debian repos:



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    Is there a downloadable file that can be installed on a custom build device? I've been looking for a program that will help me search through files easier. If possible can it be controlled with the users voice?

    There is no generic install for all devices. You probably just have to do a web search.. As for voice recognition, it will depend on the platform you are using.