Introduction: Intro:To Shading

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Today I'm gonna teach you shading

Step 1: Color Wheel

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This is the color wheel this is the color base. It tells the different types of colors schemes

Step 2: To Practice(Optional) Materials

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-Color pencils

Step 3: Color Schemes

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Okay now I will tell you the color scheme (Type of color)

Warm colors like: Red, Orange and some yellows.(First picture)

Cool colors: Blue, Green, Not all but some grays,purple

Complementary colors: Opposite colors in the color wheel.Like-Yellow and Violet or Purple

Analogous colors - Colors that are next to each other in the color wheel

Those are the Basic ones

Step 4: Shading

When you do shading it is done by the color schemes. Shading can be done light to dark or dark to light

Step 5: Practice Time

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Take a paper start from very very light putting very less force and go medium than hard in her out more force like in image. Show me yours in the comments if you need help. I'm not doing it in any scheme I'm just showing you how too. I recommend that you should practice front and back of a paper


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