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This is a very simple hack for Call of Duty 5 World at War PC to get to rank 65 full prestige. It also unlocks all weapons and classes. Feel free to comment or message me any questions you may have.

Step 1: Step 1

First thing you want to do is download the small file that is attached to this step. Or if for some reason that doesn't work you can head over to this websitehttp://www.thoughtmechanics.com/2008/11/19/call-of-duty-5-world-at-war-level-65-hack/
Once your at the site click the link that says "DOWNLOAD HACK". This will bring you to a page that has a link that says "Click here to download requested file". Click on the link. This should begin the download.
In order to view the download you will need a program called WinRAR. This allows for the reading and writing of folders similar to ZIP folders except it allows for files to be compressed 15% more than ZIP folders. Chances are you already have the program since it is extremely popular but if you don't heres the web page to download it

Step 2: Step 2

So once the WinRAR folder is done downloading open it up. Then double click on the folder that says "EAWaW". After that double click on the file that says "EasyAccount.exe". Once the program opens click "CoD: WaW Multiplayer v1.1".

Step 3: Step 3 - Final Step

Now that you've done that open up Call of Duty 5 but don't close the Easy Account program. Once Call of Duty is opened minimize it by pushing Alt+Tab on your keyboard. Then go back to the Easy Account program and click on Easy Upgrade. Your now done, it's that easy. When you open up Call of Duty you should be Rank 65 full prestige with all weapons and classes unlocked.


Kopite says:
"Or instead of hacking, try using power point servers which you can find through any decent search engine. Playing on these will result in you boosting your kill points meaning ranking up much faster. There are servers out there that give you 50 points per kill, 500 points per kill or there a few in the states you can access that give you 3,000 points per kill taking your levels up 5-6 levels each kill - making you reach level 65 in one map or less. Try adding this server to your favourites - or If having trouble connecting re try as these are US based servers."



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    Please go kill your self wannabe script kiddie, If any of you knew anything you would know this is bullshit, not to mention the anit-cheat.

    biapha_22 hi where do u come from im going to add u as a friend on cod 5 wii tell me when yer online and i play u in a game ohhhh by the way im 5th lvl 65 and hacked see-ya online and a happy x-mas

    2 replies

    Mattster99 so do u still play and do you hack?? I want to find a friend that hacks... how often do you play?? I love those games!! .. anyone who hacks and would like to add me as a friend so I can enjoy the hack with you please write me!! Shelia102881@yahoo.com

    hi, i'm here i am on everyday until december 24'th when i get mw3 and ps3 and i am presteige lv. 1 .heres my code/047524945066

    biapha_22 why did yu delete me as a friend? ive got you ad a friend add me back and tell me when yer online

    no your not. yu were not on the 4th.i sent yu message but did not get a answer. play cod 5 around 3.35pm on the 6th witch is tomorrow.please answer! lol!!!! no seriously.

    i will be on this weekend all saturday ill say around noon for a while i just leave school at 3:35 i am in computer class right now . I am grounded for now and i can only use the wii on the wiikends and i cant use a computer at all besides at school. So sorry but i can use internet from my wii see u this wiikend

    whats yer name going to be on ps3, mins going to be[icon]$tars i made up that clan on ps3.its quite popular allready i've got 59 and counting to join. please join bye

    yer not a very good speller for a 6th grader Lolololol! do yu ever go cod5 online on the weekend i want to invite yu to a game or play against yu bro.why on the wii is yer name called ag-11 thats a wierd name gtg my annoying little brother wants to play mario kart 7 bye bye (*_*)

    sorry ill be on tonight and all wii-kend /itsajoke/ i want to face u head to head tonight or tommorow. ill be on as much as i can be and i want u to hack me to be lv.65 and my name is andrew . when i get my iphone back i can give u my number and i can call and text u maybe send a pick but for now i will see u soon

    ok what perks do you want ,all of them i gess ? and which ipod do you have i've got a touch when to yer want to go head to haed i'll say saterday att 8.00 -9.00 ok if wanna tell me a different time yer can change it going to play with xbox bye bye ohh 1 more thing message me back

    i want everything u can get me. Iphone 4. im okay with 8 or 9 but since u are irish (i think) and i am american we have diffirent time zones. Hopefully i can use my phone this weekend so we can talk.