Picture of Griptape Design Cutouts
Hello All. I've been wanting to create a tutorial and Skateboard grip tape art for sometime now. Skateboarding is all about expression. What better way to express yourself than to throw some art on your deck? I'm here to teach you an effective way to create a nice two tone effect with a design of your choice on your board using stencils and griptape.

The first thing you want to do is pick an image. Naturally, it can come from a number of places. You can choose to design your own image and put it on the board or you can take a design from somewhere else. if you don't already have a source in mind, the internet is a great place to look for almost any image you can think of. For the purposes of this tutorial, I shall being using an image I borrowed from the band Killola (myspace.com/killola Listen to Killola!!)

- 2 pieces of different color griptape (specifically I use Black Magic and Black Widow Clear color griptapes)

- 1 sheet of printer paper (You can choose to use transparency paper if you choose)

- 1 file folder or oaktag paper

- Razorblades

- Pen

Optional Materials

- Ruler

- Xacto Knife (for more precise cuts)

Step 1: Image Selection and Cutting

Picture of Image Selection and Cutting
After choosing your image, print it out on piece of paper. Use your razor to cut around the image. You may have to get creative and make bridges for any islands in the image that you want to keep for the stencil. when you're finished Your image will look like the image provided
freek7236 years ago
I do something similar to this on all my decks. I leave the cutout open though. It does take more time, but seeing as I am bowl rider, decks last a bit longer than doing all street. Will see if I can post some pics later on. So far I have done things as intricate as a calvin and hobbes strip, to a band logo on my own. Definitely better than just spray painting a stencil on. I have also seen some unique stuff done with different grits of tape (good ol' 3M 60 GRIT!)
i'm not a skateboarder, but that looks pretty good to me :)