Last time we have achieved “Interact AT command between pcDuino and Spyder” via USB port of pcDuino, today we are going to use the UART(GPIO 0, GPIO 1) on pcDuino to achieve powerline communication for pcDuino.

Step 1: Diagram

1. Connect Spyder’s pin 2 to GPIO 1 on pcDuino, spyder’s pin 3 to GPIO 0 on pcDuino, pin 10 to GND of pcDuino.

2.Connect the powerline interfaces of these two spyder and power them up( DC5-12V).

3.Power up pcDuino.

<p>Hi Yanny,</p><p>Thank you for the nice tutorial. I recently purchased two Spyder-UART modules and connected them as instructed. I'm using two MCUs (one MCU is programmed to send data at 9600bps and the other one is programmed to receive data at 9600bps and turn on/off leds based on the data received). The two MCUs when connected directly to each other are able to communicate properly, however, interfacing them with Spyder UART module as instructed does not work. Do I need to set something to get the communication started?<br><br>Thanks<br>Mayank</p>
<p>flew right pass me, but the board looks cool :P</p>

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