Introducing my all new invention, drum roll please .....................the all new FingerFan!! This all new fan is fast, portable, easy, and great way to cool down!

Step 1: You Will Need.......

• A Cardboard Box!!!!
• Scissors!!!
• Two large Tounge Depressors!!
• Your Favorite Duct Tape!
• A Pen

Step 2: Cut Away!

Cut the front off the box. Then, draw a square on the piece you cut out. Try to make it Exact. If you feel like it, draw something on it. WARNING: IF YOU DOODLE REMEMBER THAT THE CARDBOARD IS GOING TO BE COVERED UP WITH DUCT TAPE!!

Step 3: Duct Tape Time!!!!!!

This is real simple. Cut out the square, and cover it in duct tape of your choice. Make sure no cardboard is visible.

Step 4: Handle

Tape the to tounge depressors together as shown. Tape this to one side of the duct tape covered cardboard.

Step 5: Put It On... and How to Use

Put your Index finger in between the tongue depressors and wave your finger up and down. Plz vote. Thanks!

Step 6:

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